Top 9 signs you need Construction Cost Tracking Software

If you’re like most companies that run construction projects, getting accurate cost data live from the jobsite can present many challenges. If you’ve never considered a software system to take on the heavy lifting of that process – here’s a list of signs you need to have a serious look at it. First, I’ll summarize the signs, and then further below, I’ll provide more explanation of each one. You Have Way Too Many Spreadsheets There’s too Much Time Spent Re-Keying Data Your Project Data is Inaccurate or Incomplete You struggle with information Delays: Project Managers Can’t Make Key Decisions Accounts Payable Spends Far Too Much Time on Vendor Invoice Approvals Your Billing Cycle in Accounts Receivable is Slow and Inefficient You Have an Overwhelming Feeling of Chaos Your Executive Teams are Demanding Better Reporting You Can’t Monitor Subcontractor Productivity #1 You Have Way Too Many Spreadsheets Your Site Foremen probably use one or more spreadsheets to capture the daily hours and activities of your crews and equipment for each of your jobsites. Let’s call that spreadsheet the Daily Field Report.  You likely also have a few contractors working for you that also submit their spreadsheet to your site personnel for approval – which need to get included into your Daily Field Report. You may also have some expenses, documents, scanned receipts, safety & inspection reports, etc. that you need to include into the mix.  If you’re a contractor yourself, all this needs to be combined to present to the client’s Site Superintendent to be signed & stamped. Your Site Foreman then sends the Daily Field Report and associated Documents to an email address for processing.  The person back in the office responsible for unpacking this