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Canadian EPCM Wins PMI Award For its Use of 4castplus

In the following video clip, Peter Timmins, VP Operations at Triumph EPCM, explains how their use of 4castplus has dramatically improved their business - and has led to winning this prestigious award for Project Management Excellence.

New Live-Link with Microsoft Project

  Get Real-Time Schedule and Cost Synchronization   Press Release To view the original press release, please click here:   The new 4castplus real-time integration with Microsoft Project brings seamless, One-Touch connectivity between cost and schedule. With a fully cost-loaded schedule that includes budget, actual costs, work progress and earned value metrics, project managers achieve complete project control.   Time and Cost on any project are the two biggest factors influencing a successful outcome. The 4castplus Microsoft Project Live-Link brings this harmonious relationship to a whole new level.   Calgary, Alberta March 19, 2013 4castplus today announced the release of the highly anticipated Live-Link with Microsoft Project. With the new Project Live-Link, project managers can make time and cost changes on the fly, then synchronize budget and schedule in a single click. Many companies large and small depend on MS Project for critical project scheduling activities. They also depend on 4castplus for critical project cost management software solutions. These can now be combined together in a live synchronization to enable the best of both worlds.   There’s no single software solution on the market that can do an effective job of managing project schedule and project costs all in the same tool. With the new Microsoft Project Live-Link from 4castplus, both are now integrated in a highly-connected real-time environment. Organizations can finally eliminate the cluster of wasteful spreadsheets and the need to copy data from one place to the next. Both 4castplus and Microsoft Project can be open at the same time and changes are updated in real-time.   Even without MS Project, 4castplus merges budget with schedule to deliver planned value vs. actual cost vs. earned value on a real-time basis. 4castplus, however, can't

Get Forecast Oversight with the new 4castplus Rules of Credit System

  Press Release To view the original press release, please click here: The new Earning Rules of Credit system available in 4castplus sets the bar for true project cost management and controls. Users can do away with the worries of subjective progress measurements of percent complete – 4castplus brings reason and accountability to a very tricky area of project management. Percent complete is such a critical project metric that forms the basis for so much project analysis. The new rules of credit system creates an objective practice to eliminate the common pitfalls of project progress measurement.   Calgary, Alberta April 2, 2013 4castplus today announced the release of the new Rules of Credit addition to its project forecasting and Earned Value Management system. With this critical new functionality, program and project managers can get project peace of mind through progress oversight and forecasting objectivity. Measuring progress in construction project management software has long been a tricky thing to tackle accurately. There is no absolute science to determining percent complete on projects or tasks. It is often left to the hands and whims of project managers who utilize best-guess methodology and a moist finger in the wind to estimate how far along a project task has progressed. Senior managers and program managers are forced to trust the motives and actions of their project management teams to be as realistic and accurate as possible. Many organizations depend on these calculations of percent complete. They’re vital for determining variance, remaining cost to complete and other earned value management metrics on a project. They’re also used in calculating amounts billable in a progress draw. With the new Earning Rules of Credit solution in 4castplus, project managers can define distinct

4castplus Delivers the Total Solution for Unit Price Construction Projects

Press Release To view the original press release, please click here:   Managing Unit Price construction projects presents a tremendous number of unique complexities to both owners and contractors. With the latest Unit Price project additions to 4castplus, planning, estimating, tracking, reporting and billing on unit rate and unit progress is now streamlined into a single integrated solution.   4castplus has given us a solution that our industry has been crying out for. We've finally found the ideal answer to how we, and most of the construction world, manage construction projects. Calgary, Alberta (PRWEB) October 30, 2012 Jetsoft Group Inc., a leading global provider of business project software for Contractors, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management), Owners and Services firms, today announced their release of a fully integrated Unit Price and Unit Progress Project Solution to their 4castplus Project Cost Management software. Some may call it “Re-Measurement” or “Schedule of Rates”, and some call it “Unit Price”. No matter what you call it, it is a very common contract type in the world of construction. 4castplus is the first software solution for construction projects to deliver comprehensive, end-to-end technology specifically designed around the distinct requirements of Unit Price contracts. With this strategic addition to 4castplus, contractors and owners will achieve tangible benefits such as:  Enhanced Unit-Based Planning: The whole work breakdown structure is now enriched with new properties for measurable units and quantities. Unit Cost / Unit Price Estimating. Full detailed construction estimating based on resource quantities – along with unit rates for cost and billing – can be intermingled to build accurate unit costs. Apply optional markup or overrides to determine unit price. View breakdown of unit cost and unit price by resource such as: Unit Cost

4castplus Adds Full Procurement System for One-Touch Project-Purchasing Integration

Press Release To view the original press release, please click here:   In today’s economy where margins are tight and competition is fierce, organizations that run major construction projects need to control costs, reduce inefficiencies and maximize the use of technology to ensure they stay competitive. With the new 4castplus Integrated Procurement system, companies achieve enormous improvements in project cost controls, real-time information and significant gains in productivity.   No-one else can provide this level of collaboration and efficiency on a construction project.   Calgary, Alberta September 25, 2012 Jetsoft Group Inc., a leading global provider of business project software for Contractors, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management), Owners and Services firms, today announced their release of a fully integrated Procurement system to add to their 4castplus Project Cost Management Solution. This newest addition will provide for a tighter, more collaborative environment between Procurement and Project Management on major construction projects.   With the seamless movement of data and elimination of redundant effort provided in this system; communication and auditability challenges that often exist between project management and procurement are removed. “Many of our industry partners and clients participated in the design of this module to maximize its efficiency, controls and benefit,” says Jetsoft Group’s Chief Financial Officer Kim Tremblay. “We wanted to be sure it was clear, easy to use and provided key advantages to their businesses.”   This strategic addition to 4castplus will allow Contractors, Owners and EPCM firms to see tangible benefits such as:  True One-Touch data. Organizations seeking to reduce the need to re-key data from one place to the next will achieve the control and simplicity of One-Touch data. With 4castplus, information only goes in once; then is used in multiple places