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The bigger the project, the more chance there is that it will blow the budget and crush the schedule. 4castplus delivers the perfect cost controls software solution for project managers and cost engineers to get the detailed, current and accurate information they need to keep projects humming to plan. Whether you’re a total controls guru looking for complete domination, or a mid-sized contractor looking for lightweight controls – 4castplus project cost controls software can fit your needs.

Why Project Controls?

Statistically, over 85% of projects go over budget. Why? Projects are an accumulation of many thousands of activities, all of which need to be planned, estimated, tracked, monitored and completed according to plan. The chances of this happening to any degree of accuracy are extremely slim. That is, if there aren’t project controls processes and systems put in place. Project cost controls is a practice of continuous tracking, monitoring and adjusting of all the many moving parts of a project. To do this requires good information and the right tools – and 4castplus delivers both with decisive results.

“When we came across 4castplus, we were looking for software that could not only capture data, but also provide solid planning and cost controls tools. Tools like contract management, change management, forecasting and earned value management. We chose 4castplus because it has the right features for a construction company like us; plus it’s super easy to use. The people at 4castplus are easy to work with and really responsive to our needs. They’re a great partner for us.”
Demetrio Arosemena, Construction Management Group

Monitoring Budget vs. Actual vs. Earned Value in Real Time

One of the basic principles of cost controls is providing the ability to continuously report on Estimate Cost, Actual Cost and Earned Value at a high level and detail levels. 4castplus is one of the few software programs in the world that can do this effectively. All the tools and data are available in quick reports and drill-down reports which draw information from the various key modules in 4castplus.

Earned Value S-Curve

Monitoring and Forecasting Trends

4castplus provides critical tools to forecast trends in consumption and cost. You can view charts that show trends in labor hours, materials and individual commodities.

Project cost control software

Flexible Cost Code Management and Cost Reporting

Cost codes are a critical element of cost controls. The 4castplus Intelligent Cost Code system provides project controls engineers with a powerhouse of tools for planning and reporting that is unrivaled.

Project Cost Control Software

Dashboards for Real-Time and Drill-Down Reporting

In 4castplus, information is entered and collected at a very detailed level. Reporting can then be rolled-up and pivoted at any level, phase, resource, discipline, commodity, project or aggregate of projects. There is tremendous interactive capability to start high and drill deep to explore and find answers. 4castplus not only provides analytics, it also enables intelligent ways to dive into the details to discover Why.

Project Cost Control Software

Spend Forecasts

One of the most fundamental requirements of Cost Controls is to merge budget and schedule. Most major projects will use a scheduling program to determine activities and duration , however will then create the budget in a separate system or spreadsheet. Without linking the budget to the schedule to connect time and cost, the project team won’t know when budget is planned to be spent. Mapping budget on a timeline is critical for cost controls. In 4castplus, budget and schedule are intrinsically bound together so that all detailed costs and revenues are itemized out over time. This enables forecast cost timelines at the Program, Project, WBS, Resource, and Cost Code levels.

Project cost management software

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