4castplus Project Tracking Video

To achieve the full power and controls of real-time information, it’s vital to have comprehensive project tracking. This includes the ability to track more than just Labor, Equipment and Materials – you also need to track: Purchase Order Commitments, Expenses, Unit Progress (for Unit Price or Unit Cost projects), Paper Invoices and more. Watch this video on 4castplus project tracking to learn a bit more



Here is the video narration

With the many moving parts and complexities that exist in construction projects today, having real-time, accurate information on every detail of what’s happening on your project, is critical for ensuring things stay on track.


4castplus project cost management software is packed with cost controls features that deliver real-time information to keep your projects under firm control – and on budget.


When you open a project in 4castplus, the first thing you see is a dashboard showing the topmost important vitals on the health of your project. Quickly visualizing Estimate vs. Actual vs. Earned Value is the most effective way to check to see if your project is on track.


All values are continuously updated and calculated by 4castplus, so these are real-time indicators of where things are at, as of right now.


So, looking at the actuals for this video, how are these real-time actual costs input INTO the system?


4castplus has a suite of comprehensive and easy-to-use project tracking modules that enable you to track absolutely everything about your project.


There are in fact, eight, purpose-built, cost-tracking components designed for quick and easy entry of quantities and progress information. There’s tracking for: Labour, Equipment, Materials and Expenses. There’s a Timekeeper system for entering time for others. There’s a tracking system for capturing Units of Progress for unit price projects. There’s additionally a module to track purchase order commitments, as progress draws or material quantities are received by vendors.  

Each of these tracking and timesheet systems is super easy-to-use. They’re all calendar based, so all you have to do is pick a week on the calendar, pick a task on the work breakdown structure, enter values and click save. It’s really that easy.

Enter comments for any item entry to record notes and collaborative messages.


Once you click Save, all your tracking entries are immediately applied to the related project and task for both cost and billing.


It’s all cloud-based, so your teams and crews can access 4castplus from the field, from the office, on the road – and on any device. No more paper-based timesheets or cumbersome spreadsheets – it’s all centralized and organized – and there’s no need to sync anything, it’s all in continuous real-time.


There are a multitude of reports for you to drilldown into cost, revenue, profit, and earned value. You can also report on your resources, labor utilization, vendor performance, progress, and much much more.


4castplus can be configured to estimate and track using any unit of measure or unit of progress you can imagine. And it enables you to configure complex cost and billing rates for all L.E.M. resources. So no matter what you’re tracking, 4castplus has you covered.  You can additionally configure 4castplus to auto-manage pay-scale jumps, for example to overtime.


4castplus has the world’s most comprehensive and easy-to-use construction project tracking system. It’s tightly integrated with 4castplus estimating, procurement, invoicing, EVM and resource management. It’s true One Touch data that flows seamlessly and securely through your project and your organization. 

4castplus brings you the power of real-time information to stay in control and to deliver results.

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