Why am I here?

Nah, get real, this is not some existential discussion on the purpose of life; this question is literally “why am I blogging here on this site?”  The ownership of this site chanced across one of my comments elsewhere on the ‘net and thought that my particular take on project execution might be worth sharing with others.  A byte is a small piece of data made up of 8 bits (if my memory serves correctly).  I’ll be popping in periodically to drop a little piece of reality on you – something from my own life, not something I heard or read about.

Why should you listen to ME?

Because it would be very short-sighted of you to ignore anyone – I still learn from people every day.  Be honest enough with yourself to admit that you don’t know everything.  My bio shows that I’m not a kid with a fresh degree trying to impress the world – I’ve done a few things in my career, some of which I’m sure will be different to things you’ve done.  I’ve also done a few things in my personal life which will, no doubt, be different from your personal experiences.  In my experience, very often reality BITES, but how you deal with it determines how your project (and Life) evolves.

Should you do as I say?

Absolutely NOT.  Have enough respect for yourself to listen to all sorts of “stuff” and then evaluate and choose your own way.  Don’t do this or that because some Guru says you should, do whatever you decide to do because YOU chose to.  Always remember, what you DO is your choice.  If you choose to ignore my advice, counsel and life learnings, that’s fine by me.  It is after all YOUR life, and your circumstances are different from mine.  If you choose to accept and / or act on any of my statements, opinions and discussions, that’s also fine by me.  It can’t be any kind of ego-stroke for me, because it is after all YOUR life and your choice.

So my advice to you, dear reader, is listen to me (In fact listen to practically everyone at least once) but don’t follow my advice or implement my learnings unless it works for you.

If you choose to follow this piece of advice – Have a great day

If you choose to ignore it – I hope you have a great day too.