Ten Reasons to use 4castplus

Wondering if 4castplus is a good fit for your business? Here are ten good reasons why 4castplus is the ideal procurement and project controls solution for your organization.


1. Save Time, Reduce Clutter, Improve Efficiency

4castplus streamlines the tools and information you use to estimate, manage and report on your projects. With 4castplus you can eliminate the muddle of spreadsheets, word docs and emails that act as the main tools for organizing, planning and tracking projects. 4castplus consolidates all your project information – information such as budgets, contracts, resources, forecasts, documents, purchase orders, and much more – so that you can simplify and control how you do business.


2. Get Instant Answers

Imagine being able to get detailed cost, billing or status information about any piece of your project in a single click. With 4castplus, you’re constantly prepared with immediate answers. Print off a progress report in a few seconds, for example, as you dash to a project status meeting. No more embarrassing moments trying to hand-wave a status on the fly.

Project managers and business leaders often struggle with getting quick and reliable answers to the “Where are we at” questions. Questions like:

  • “Are we on budget?”
  • “How much have we spent so far?”
  • “How much is it going to cost?”
  • “Are we making money?”

And many more questions that become a source of frustration when there isn’t good project visibility available. 4castplus delivers immediate answers to a wealth of “Where-are-we-at” questions so that you can put an end to the unknowns and uncertainty that torment most project and business leaders. You can eliminate those embarrassing moments of having to explain why you didn’t know.


3. Communicate

Knowledge and good information are the ultimate control weapons for keeping projects on track. Sharing that information with other stakeholders – including partners, owners, subcontractors, customers and internal stakeholders – is a vital part of managing positive and transparent relations. 4castplus provides quick status, progress, and cost reports that can be emailed and shared, so as to support that environment of positive collaboration.


4. Gain a Competitive Edge

Most businesses today are doing whatever they can to ensure they remain competitive. They’re not only seeking ways to differentiate their business and build a top-tier reputation; but they’re also searching for techniques to control costs, while at the same time, improving the overall quality and service that they provide. 4castplus delivers the technology to give you that competitive edge. Technology that not only enables you to deliver higher quality results and a superior service – but additionally allows you to control costs and improve profitability.


5. Manage Change

Changes are inevitable on projects. They can however, be notorious for causing cost overruns, delays, misunderstandings and disputes. Having good tools and processes in place to manage, track and control change is critical for managing project spend.


6. Manage Risk

Risk and uncertainty are unavoidable aspects of any project. To achieve consistent success in projects – especially construction projects – it’s critical to have strategies and tools for managing and sharing-out risk. 4castplus provides easy-to-use mechanisms to isolate riskier project areas to ensure they don’t trigger overruns or any other threats to project success.


7. Be Outstanding

Differentiate yourself and your business by delivering consistent top-tier results. Build a sound reputation: know your numbers, execute confidently, and operate clean, accurate and efficient projects. 4castplus enables you to build and keep outstanding relationships. Amaze your customers, your peers and your subs with your streamlined, organized and simplified project cost management methods.


8. Improve Profitability

Project cost overruns are common. So common that statistics show that over 85% of projects go over-budget. Cost overruns are destructive to organizations that live in a competitive world of tight margins and aggressive deadlines. Without a project cost management solution like 4castplus, businesses run a tremendous risk of eroding margins and suffering the consequences of schedule delays and lost opportunities.

The most common reasons that projects suffer overruns are:

  1. A lack of accurate, current information on the project
  2. A badly constructed or overly-optimistic initial estimate
  3. Inadequate planning
  4. A lack of historical information to feed future projects
  5. Inability to foresee project final results. Or, no “early-warning” of project performance issues
  6. Little or no control over project changes

When you use 4castplus as your project cost management solution, you eliminate these issues and many more that plague the success of most projects.


9. Our Customers are King

We take the time and put in the effort to make sure our customers are not just happy – but really seeing results from adopting 4castplus. It’s easy to say that, but we really do mean it. Our passion is to see our customers realize the successes and significant improvements in their projects, their profitability and their reputation.


10. Truly Cloud-based. No upfront costs. It’s just Easy.

You can access 4castplus from the office, from the field or on the road. It’s fast, easy to use and easy to configure. 4castplus is licensed affordably for any size of enterprise – so companies big and small can get up and seeing results quickly with a minimal investment. All upgrades and maintenance are automatic, seamless to the user, and free.

You need not concern yourself with IT issues such as servers, backups, recovery, redundancy, security, IT staffing, etc. This is all included in the affordable monthly package. Your data is secure and always available. With 4castplus, everything works and it’s just easy.