4castplus 5.0: Transforming the Way Construction Teams Work

The construction industry is swiftly shifting towards a new digital era where technology that connects the jobsite with the office is no longer considered an advantage, but rather a necessity. Document updates, electronic checklists and forms, material status, timesheets, crew management, vendor productivity and more can be shared in real-time between disparate teams, offering enhanced data integrity, transparency and real-time visibility into the health of a project. The transition from manual and paper-based processes to cloud and mobile-based solutions has never been more important than today. At 4castplus, we are committed to the ongoing development and enhancement of our project-driven solutions that enable companies to digitally communicate and collaborate on their construction projects. With the recent release of 4castplus 5.0, we have delivered an abundance of key upgrades and new features that are designed to streamline how contractors execute projects. In this entry, I’m going to briefly describe some of the enhancements to the jobsite tracking module that have been built to bring increased power with increased efficiency.

4castplus 5.0: Transforming the Way Construction Teams Work

Major Upgrades to Crew and Shift Management

After working with self-performing contractors for many years, we’ve continued year-over-year to tailor our Jobsite module to meet the wide-ranging needs they have for how information is collected and entered into the system. Many things have become abundantly clear; first of all, there is a distinct need for flexibility. Most contractors execute on a broad mix of project sizes and types; and are held to differing expectations from their range of clients. For smaller projects, the information gathering and reporting requirements can be relatively straightforward as there may only be a small team. Some contractors, however, can have a large presence at a jobsite with dozens or more of workers in the field. These are typically split up into functional crews of varying disciplines and some with equipment. Having a system that can support these different levels of complexity gives contractors the peace of mind that the data is being managed, reported and delivered to the customer reliably and accurately.

The latest upgrades to the 4castplus mobile jobsite application bring a new level of capability and simplicity; and is fast and easy to use. It provides tremendous flexibility to cover the small to the very large project footprints. The system enables users to split the field team into crews headed up by a Site Foreman who is responsible for crew entry of labor, equipment, materials, production quantities, documents, photos, daily log, etc. Crews can be assigned, modified and dispatched on-the-fly as needed. Check out the video further down in this article to see more.

New "Paperless Jobsite" Options

This 4castplus upgrade includes the added ability to create transmittals for electronically sending and tracking documents for signatures – from the jobsite the office or anywhere else. Users will now be able to send field reports and other documents electronically either through email or via DocuSign. Utilizing this tool, users will be able to view the status of all documents in a dashboard report, including the following metrics:

  • When the recipient(s) opened the email
  • When and if the document was signed
  • When and if the document was rejected or expired
  • The elapsed time from send to signature

Upgrades to Field Receiving

Field Receiving is a very powerful feature exclusive and unique to 4castplus.  As a direct link between the jobsite and the 4castplus procurement system, field receiving enables field personnel to record any items – such as materials, equipment, consumables, etc. – that have been shipped to site.  With a simple and intuitive interface, it alleviates any guesswork about what and how much is to be received; and field staff need only enter the quantities of the items that were shipped and received in good order. They can also enter any damaged goods, overages, non-conformances, short-ships, returns, etc.  Receivers can also take photos and upload waybill or other shipping documents.  In this latest upgrade of 4castplus, we’ve enhanced the field receiving module to include more features as well as the option to also enter subcontractor progress claims.

Flexibility for Demanding Clients

4castplus 5.0 has a new module for creating jobsite “Packages” which are a very effective way to split up all the jobsite data into sub-groupings to give users options for how they may want to bundle the tracked information for reporting and approvals. These packages can be used for a variety of purposes including separating payroll from non-payroll; or splitting out materials or equipment; or creating an exclusive labor package that’s separate from other reportable data. The options and flexibility are truly endless. The addition of the Packages feature allows users to create multiple sub-jobsite packages for reporting, submitting for approval; and each package can be routed for e-signature.

Watch: Managing and tracking crews from the 4castplus mobile app

Interested in exploring some of our other enhancements and features as part of the 4castplus 5.0 release? Connect with our team here and stay tuned for more blog features highlighting some of our advancements!

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