4castplus Forges Key Partnership with Oracle Netsuite

As part of its growing partner network, 4castplus has engaged in a partnership with Oracle NetSuite to deliver a comprehensive solution to mid and large size owners and construction contractors.  As one of the best-selling cloud ERP systems in the world, NetSuite services numerous industry verticals with its cloud-based solutions.  While NetSuite is rich with critical accounting functionality, it also has an extensive partner network enabling organizations to seamlessly add on applications & tools to build a complete enterprise solution fit for most any need.  As one of those partner applications, 4castplus has built a specialized “Suite App”, which enables bi-directional data integration with NetSuite. 

4castplus construction project dashboard
4castplus Project Dashboard
Netsuite dashboard
NetSuite Dashboard

Similar to many ERP systems, NetSuite includes a “Projects” module which provides for more elaborate management and reporting of projects than its base model.  While powerful, this projects module is generally targeted to professional services organizations.  When it comes to the management of large, industrial-level construction projects, however, contractors and owners in that space require a solution more appropriate to handle the complexities of projects of that type and at that scale.  And this is where 4castplus fits in.  4castplus is a world-leading project cost management system that specializes in the management of complex construction projects.  It has deep capabilities in project controls, project management, real-time cost tracking, contract management, project procurement, document control, and much more. 

This makes for a powerful combination when NetSuite and 4castplus are deployed together. As a combined package, the integrated solution provides construction organizations with a full suite of tools for both operations and finance. All while data and workflows are automatically shared across the enterprise, providing project teams and finance with rich visibility into the status and financial health of their suite of projects and programs.

Both 4castplus and NetSuite are cloud-based, very easy to use, and highly functional out-of-the-box – making for a streamlined and cost-effective implementation & rollout.  Many organizations in multiple industry verticals around the world have already deployed this combined solution and are enjoying the benefits to their operations and bottom line.

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