Smart Cost Management of Projects

For Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) service firms, maintaining control over a project is critical to success. With inflationary pressures such as increases in materials costs on EPC projects, the need for cost management processes and tools has never been greater.

Deliver Results with 4castplus

With intelligent workflows and a comprehensive feature set, 4castplus has been specifically designed to manage the heavy demands of complex construction projects. Our integrated cloud-based solution eliminates the struggles of connecting your procurement activity with your projects. All purchase order items are linked directly with the work breakdown structure and accounting cost codes to ensure accurate project reporting.

Purchase Order Management

4castplus enables your buyer team to efficiently create and issue Purchase Orders and Subcontracts in an easy-to-use interface. Packed with features to efficiently create, commit, track and manage purchase order contracts, 4castplus allows your teams to stay on top of everything with configurable dashboards and reports. See more…

RFP, RFQ & Bid Management

4castplus Bid Management software lets your lean procurement team do the work of many. The system delivers the tools, processes and reporting to empower your team to efficiently manage the full Request for Proposal lifecycle. Your job is made even easier and more secure with the 4castplus built-in RFQ Vendor Portal for centralized and collaborative management of vendor bids. See more…

Purchase Requisitions

4castplus provides an easy way to receive goods or enter work progress as it is completed. Items are received against purchase order quantities to ensure strict controls on what and how much is received. Productivity tools to receive partial or receive all are built-in to help the process of receiving large amounts of goods.

Purchase Order Receiving & Vendor Invoice Matching

4castplus provides powerful tools for Purchase Order Receiving and Vendor Invoice Approval for a full 3-Way-Match of all committed items. Simplify and automate much of the AP effort by consolidating the committed, incurred and invoiced in a clear and concise interface.

Project Controls

4castplus provides a powerful suite of project controls modules that deliver real-time insight into the health of your projects and programs.  With multiple forecasting methods, time-phased planning, EVM, and a wealth of reporting options, your teams will be armed with the tools and analytics to make informed decisions to keep projects on track. See more…




Document Management

4castplus delivers integrated document controls to manage and control a full document repository for all your projects. With full version and revisioning capability, as well as multi-stage approvals workflows, you can trust that your critical documents are managed securely in a centralized repository. See more…

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