At 4castplus, we’re helping contractors unleash their potential to drive profitability, quality and success.

Who We Are

4castplus is a progressive, innovative technology company that understands that software should be easy to use, rich in functionality and intelligent workflows that simplify the complexities of construction projects. Organizations around the world rely on 4castplus to help them move from difficult, spreadsheet-based management of projects, into an organized and robust software solution targeted at keeping their projects on budget, on schedule and to maximize profitability. We have a fresh, modern approach to software creation and delivery that has enabled us to deliver tremendous value to our customers. We strongly believe in an ethical approach to business that is respectful of all people, the environment and our communities.

Our Story

For contractors of any size, the successful delivery of construction projects is their primary revenue stream.  Despite that fact, most contractors are still today using paper and spreadsheets as their ‘system’ for managing the finances and activities of complex projects.  This was clear to us back in 2008 when we first started, so we decided we needed to build a solution specifically for contractors that’s easy to use, affordable and focused on their diverse business needs.

Our mission has always been to focus our software primarily on all aspects of project finances – including project controls, project tracking, procurement, budgeting, forecasting, revenue management and everything in-between. We want to give contractors the same level of sophistication in the technology they use for projects as the finance ERP provides for the accounting team. They need to apply the same rigor and governance on a $50m project as finance applies to a $50m company.