Technology That’s Powering How Construction Projects Work

At 4castplus, we’re helping contractors unleash their potential to drive profitability, quality and success.

Who We Are

4castplus is a progressive, innovative technology company that understands that software should be easy to use, rich in functionality, with intelligent workflows that simplify the complexities of construction projects. We started 4castplus back in 2009 to create a software solution aimed at mid-to-large contractors and owners. Our goal is to help them move from difficult, spreadsheet-based management of projects into an organized and robust software solution targeted at keeping their projects on budget, on schedule, and to maximize profitability.

Our Mission

To create a software system that is not only comprehensive and powerful but, above all, easy. Easy to use, easy to implement, and easy to learn, backed by a responsive team. We wanted to break the model that enterprise software requires lengthy and expensive implementations with endless user training. We aim to make our customers’ journey toward transforming their business with critical technology both painless and cost-effective.

What We Value

One of the most important values we believe in as an organization is our commitment to listening. Our customers are passionate about what they do, and they’re teeming with great ideas and critical feedback on real-world issues and scenarios. Listening to people is a vital part of how we grow our software. We receive feedback from thousands of sources, but we simply capture, organize, and prioritize it into our ongoing software updates. Listening, along with careful software design, is all part of our fresh, modern approach to cloud software creation and delivery that has enabled us to generate tremendous value for our customers.

Our Story

our-story at 4castplus

Our inspiration for starting 4castplus was rooted in the people we met who had no options available for software solutions that fit their business. The majority of construction software on the market was aimed at very large companies that ran mega projects. These companies have the time and financial means to roll out big, cumbersome systems – but mid-to-large companies simply don’t. So, even though many midsize companies had large projects in their portfolio, they would have to resort to spreadsheets, paper and some disconnected tools to manage these projects. This was the gap in available software we knew we had to address.

Construction projects can be very complex, playing out over several years with many moving parts and layers. For contractors of any size, the successful delivery of construction projects is their primary revenue stream.

It’s critical to apply significant rigor and governance on these projects to ensure finances, activities, resources and documents are carefully managed to reduce risk and secure a successful outcome. This solution was our inspiration – to provide a comprehensive, cloud-based software platform for these companies to execute on projects successfully, consistently and profitably.

4castplus has grown to meet the diverse needs of contractors and owners who face the complexities of a significant portfolio of projects, both large and small. As a multi-user, collaborative system, 4castplus provides a unified platform for all teams – from the jobsite to the back office – to access trusted information on all projects and programs. Our philosophy is to connect everyone with powerful tools and workflows, including project controls, project tracking, procurement, budgeting, forecasting, revenue management, and everything in-between. We want to give contractors the same level of sophistication in the technology they use for projects that the finance ERP provides for the accounting team. They need to apply the same rigor and governance on a $50m project as finance applies to a $50m company.

At 4castplus, we strongly believe in an ethical approach that is respectful of all people, the environment and our communities.

When we can make our clients
look good to their clients – that, to us, is success.