How to Solve Project Management Client Problems

  Even the best project managers occasionally encounter clients who make completing a project difficult.  From being indecisive to delaying the project schedule, clients can impede what would otherwise be an effective and timely outcome.  By utilizing PMP training and being proactive, you will be successful in achieving project goals.   Communication Breakdown Communication can be the key to success for any project, but what do you do when you can’t get in contact with a decision-maker?  Keep in mind that it’s easier for a busy client to say yes or no than to provide a detailed explanation as to what they want or need. Do some groundwork in advance to explore possible options.  When a decision needs to be made, clearly indicate which course you think is best, and then confirm that this is direction your client wants to go.  It also helps to present a well-defined project schedule to the client prior to beginning work.  This can help manage expectations and provides a tangible framework for the client to either consent to or object.  Having these primary steps in place will allow a potentially “slow” client to make a yes or no decision and allow you to move forward.   Indecisive client Clients are busy, and not always ready to provide you with direction if you need it.  In fact, some clients may not be able to envision what they want until a certain portion of the project is complete.  Develop a foundation for your work by having the client explain the exact requirements of the project before you generate a plan. Use these guidelines to develop as specific a plan as possible.  The client may waver on making decisions, but referring back