Procurement Management software for construction

Simplify the Complex in Construction Project Procurement

4castplus procurement management software has been built to meet the heavy demands of construction projects.

Its smooth design and intelligent information flow makes it easy for engineers, buyers, expeditors and project managers to work efficiently together in a tight and collaborative environment.

At 4castplus, we recognize the vital role procurement plays on a construction project: over 80% of most capital projects run through procurement. With so much riding on your procurement team, it’s critical to get the right solution in place to ensure they can efficiently manage large volumes of contracts, vendors and materials – and get the accurate & timely reporting they need to stay on top of your vendors, your costs and your projects.

4castplus also provides key Receiving and Invoicing modules to track project costs and accruals against Committed Amounts. This is vital for visibility into project costs in real-time. You no longer have to wait for vendor invoices to recognize accruals on a project.

Whether you’re an EPCM or Owner, 4castplus procurement can plug into your projects and integrate seamlessly with your other enterprise solutions.  And whether you’re running a $10billion project or $10million project, 4castplus can scale to meet your demands. To learn more, Click here to sign up for a free live demo. Or, you can also email us at:

Check out the presentation below to get a glimpse of some of the key features:



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Procurement Software for Construction Projects