Cyber-security in Construction: Prevention, Detection and Management

Data security is a topic that is at the forefront of discussion for most businesses today. The construction industry in particular is embarking on a period of rapid digitization, with technology increasingly being embraced for project management and day-to-day operations. As they adopt more technological solutions to increase efficiency and productivity, construction companies run the risk of becoming more attractive targets for cyber attacks. In fact, for some businesses in various industry verticals, ransomware attacks – as one of several cyber security breaches – have led to the loss of confidential data, systems shutdown, and significant interruptions to accessing key information causing debilitating harm to their business. That’s why at 4castplus we take the management and security of our clients’ data extremely seriously. In this article, we explain some of the safeguards we have in place to ensure the privacy, reliability and security of your information is upheld to the highest standards, but first it’s important to understand why cybersecurity is important for cloud-based software that provides solutions for the construction industry.

Cyber-security in Construction: Prevention, Detection and Management

What is cyber security?

Cyber security is the convergence of people, processes and technology that come together to protect organizations, individuals, networks and data from malicious digital attacks.

The Rise of Cybersecurity Demand

Like any industry that relies on cloud-based software platforms, the construction industry demands both uninterrupted connectivity to their project management software, along with the confidence that their critical information is safe and not subject to malicious cyber attacks. With the proliferation of cloud software, so too has there been a proliferation of attacks on cloud software. And by necessity, an ensuing proliferation in firms, tools and experts specializing in cybersecurity. It’s now a booming industry built around the prevention, detection and neutralization of cyber threats. Clearly the construction industry isn’t the first to be concerned about their data being in the cloud – consider, for example, the security that banks have to deploy to guarantee your online banking is safe. Think for a second about what happens when you tap your credit card on “the machine” at a restaurant – how much cyber threat detection and prevention is going on in the background with that?

Of course, real-time, uninterrupted connectivity and real-time data is what we all want and expect, so we’re not exactly going to rewind the clock for fear of cybercrime. Clearly our approach must be to deploy security technology and processes to keep your information safe. Working in a highly connected industry creates more points of entry where attackers could attempt to disrupt operations and infiltrate weak security protocols.Your data is a core asset that is critical for your business credibility and success – and we are here to make absolutely certain that it has no chance of compromise.

As an organization that provides cloud-based construction project software, we at 4castplus are continuously investing the time and resources to ensure we apply a strict level of governance and protection of our customers’ data.

Security and Protection is a Core Value

We understand data breaches can have huge consequences for businesses that rely on cloud-based systems to manage construction projects, share information between departments, customers, vendors and other stakeholders. With sensitive data and customers’ trust at stake, we know securing your systems is a critical element of our business values. This is why our teams are continuously working to increase our resilience against cyber threats. Included in that is a rigorous Incident Response Plan that includes:

  1. Preventing and defending from attacks
  2. Security-driven software development and quality assurance
  3. Identification of potential threats
  4. Containment and neutralization
  5. Eradication and recovery
  6. Lessons learned
  7. Threat detection tools running 24/7

Financial Controls and Data Integrity

4castplus has completed an external audit of financial and governance controls resulting in a Service Organization Control 1 (SOC-1) compliant report with SOC-2 IT controls. To simplify access management for a more secure enterprise, we also offer single sign-on (SSO), if deployed by the organization, which will provide IT and administrators the tools to centrally manage users and system access. This means users will only need to enter one set of credentials to access all their systems and apps – via desktops, smartphones and tablets, which greatly increase productivity while keeping data secure.

Our commitment to our customers goes well beyond the delivery of quality project cost management software solutions – we are here as your trusted vendor that supplies a full-service construction software platform that is safe, secure and held to the highest degree of financial controls and data integrity.

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