What’s New in 4castplus

Update 2022, R2 Release | November 18, 2022

This is the R2, 2022 Release of 4castplus

This upgrade of 4castplus includes core infrastructure improvements to address performance issues in certain components, usability improvements and bug fixes. There are many details that may not be included on this page, so please feel free to connect with your customer success manager to learn more.

Release Summary

Here is a summary of the upgrades, improvements and new features in R2 2022. Scroll down for further details on this and more further below.

Release Details

1. Configuration
1.1 Organization

1.1.1 Notifications

  • NEW: Added notification re: Costs equal to or greater than Purchase Order Commitment

1.1.2 Form Numbering

  • Bug fix re: Purchase Requisition Form Number Log is missing Project Name, Customer and Project Manager fields
1.2 Resources

1.2.1 Labor

  • Updated alert received when user attempts to delete a Labor Resource that has Exported a Vendor Invoice
  • Bug fix re: ‘Create’ new labor fails when the email address has been used on a deleted labor resource

1.2.2 Equipment

  • Updated character length on Equipment import ‘Resource Name’ field to 350 characters
  • Add tool tip when Resource belongs to multiple Classes

1.2.3 Materials

  • Updated character length on Equipment import ‘Resource Name’ field to 350 characters
  • Add tool tip when Resource belongs to multiple Classes

1.2.4 Services

  • Add tool tip when Resource belongs to multiple Classes
1.3 Cost Rates
  1. Added ability to make Cost Rate Table Active or Inactive settings and added Show/Hide Inactive button
2. Projects
2.1 Usability and Interface
  • Removed fields from Program screen: Customer, AFE, Location, Program Budget
2.2 WBS
  • Updated Import to not require Billing Type for Areas and Phases
  • Updated Delete to allow for deletion of a workpackage that doesn’t have Baseline Budget, Baseline Revision, Change Order, Actuals or EVM Data
  • Bug fix re: after Import, the Project Manager is not assigned to any Workpackages
  • Bug fix re: Billing Table not updated through Import
  • Bug fix re: user receiving alert when importing in the Sample with no changes
  • Bug fix re: Progress Weighting is populated with incorrect value at the Area Level
2.3 Billing
  • Bug fix re: Progress workpackages not appearing in order
3. Estimates, Budget Revisions, Forecasts & Progress Measurements
3.1 Estimates
  • Update to Resource Report > Excel Report to make responsive to the grid selection
  • Bug fix re: Time-phasing Cost Allocation rounding issue when Mode is Percent
  • Bug fix re: Billing Type should not be displayed for Area and Phase levels
  • Bug fix re: Estimate Import (Add and Overwrite) on a Cost Project is not importing as per the Import file when cost rate table effective date is not included in start date of workpackage
3.2 Budget Revisions
  • Bug fix re: Comments entered in Budget in Revising screen (Comments button) are not displayed in Comments column
  • Bug fix re: user can change Estimate Level during Budget Revision
  • Bug fix re: Time-Phasing by Percentage is not allocating as per overridden values
  • Bug fix re: Tools > Purchasing > Resources added do not flow through to Purchasing
3.3 Forecasts & Progress Measurements
  • NEW: Added CPI (Revenue)
  • Bug fix re: Fully Committed Budget excludes Incremental Cost on existing Line Item Revisions
  • Bug fix re: Incurred Purchase Order value excludes Receipts dated on or before Progress Measurement when Line Item revision date is after Progress Measurement Date
  • Bug fix re: Purchase Order Commitment (Net) does not equal the Project Dashboard Commitment (Net) value
  • Bug fix re: Remaining Budget FTC Option in Progressing > FTC Revenue on Fixed Price Tasks is calculating as ETC instead of Budget – Actuals
  • Bug fix re: Progress Measurement is creating negative FTC when calculation option is ETC with negative actuals and/or budget
4. Procurement
4.1 Dashboard
  • Bug fix re: Vendor Invoice Payment Line on bar graph does not reflect the Actual Vendor Invoice Payments
  • Bug fix re: PO Commitment (Net) value is incorrect
4.2 Requisitions
  • Update alert received when WBS Codes are blank in the Requisition Import
  • Bug fix re: edit of Ship Date in Requisition Item is not Saving
  • Bug fix re: Vendor Detailed item description cannot be edited after a comment has been entered
  • Bug fix re: Add to Purchase Order is displaying Closed Purchase Orders
4.3 RFQ
  • Bug fix re: Markup and Revenue Rate not transferred to Purchase Order when Awarded from RFQ
4.4 Purchase Orders and Subcontracts
  • Removed control requiring Required At Site Date before ‘PO Good Through’ date
  • Update to alert on Purchase Order Import when Issued by not selected from the drop-down menu 
  • Update to alert received when Purchase Order selected is no longer available (has been deleted by different user)
  • Updated Update Do not Exceed Check to exclude Tax Adjustments and Currency adjustments
  • Bug fix re: when Budget Control is enabled, the Budget Available and Cost Amount values are incorrect when Committed PO/Subcontract has Project Cost Tax
  • Bug fix re: Committed Date and Closed Date Filters not returning expected results
4.5 Receiving
  • Updated field titles to include ‘Tax’
  • Bug fix re: Holdback not calculating on an imported receipt
  • Bug fix re: Unit Price Subcontract Receipt is rounding Received Qty to two decimal Places
  • Bug fix re: Create Receipt is warning that “Receipt Date is later than Current Date” even when Receipt Date=Current Date
4.6 Reports
  • Added ‘Unit Revenue’ and ‘Total Revenue’ to PO Item Details Report
  • Bug fix re: Cashflow Actuals not including Vendor Invoice Matching Adjustments or Direct to Invoice Vendor Invoices

5. Jobsite Timesheet
5.1 Timesheet
  • Added ‘Labor Type’ field to grid
5.2 Third Party Expenses
  • Updated Unit of Measure (UOM) to “Rate Type”
  • Updated Comments (Billable) and Comments (Internal) to be multiline fields
5.3 Report
  • Updated logic for calculation of Billable Rate to display the Billable Rate per the Rate Table (where the data is not aggregated).  Aggregated data will still display a Billable Rate based upon the calculation of Total Billable / Total Quantity
6. Timesheets
6.1 Expenses
  • Bug fix re: Tax Overrides not reflected in grid
6.2 Third Party Expenses
  • Updated Unit of Measure (UOM) to “Rate Type”
7. Approvals, Vendor Invoice Matching and Administration
7.1 Approvals

7.1.1 Purchase Order

  • Added ‘Vendor’ into Purchase Order Approvals > My Submissions screen
  • Updated Approval By/With field to display name of Approver, when Vendor Invoice is either Pending or Approved
  • Bug fix re: Change Order # is not populated in My Submissions/ My Approvals/ All Submissions – Detail Items

7.1.2 Vendor Invoices

  • Bug fix re: Total Cost & Vendor Invoice Amount not aligned with the Vendor Invoice values

7.1.3 Labor Timesheets

  • Bug fix re: grid not displaying timesheets based on Approval Status Filter selected
7.2 Vendor Invoice Matching > Invoice Tracking

7.2.1 Usability:

  • Added filters for Vendor Invoice Approval statuses
  • Updated filter behavior to allow for user to select Date Range, Approval Statuses and system Filters (Vendor, Project, Project Manager, Purchase Order, Site Supervisor) prior to requesting for Update of data

7.2.2 Vendor Invoice Items:

  • Bug fix re: “Item Description” not populating from Third Party Expense Line Item
  • Bug fix re: “Item Description” not populating from Third Party Expense Line Item

7.2.3 Accrual Report & Vendor Transactions Report:

  • Provided additional ‘Date Range’ option in > Accruals > Net report
  • Bug fix re: Vendor Transaction Report – Revenue to be Attested and Accrued Revenue values not aligned with UI
7.3 Vendor Invoice Matching > Direct Billing 
  • Removed Jobsite Timesheet # as a filter option
  • Bug fix re: missing fields in the grid (Vendor Name, Vendor Document # and Status)
  • Bug fix re: Unsubmit in Jobsite is not clearing selection of previously selected entries in Direct Billing
7.4 Vendor Invoice Matching > Payments & Holdback Release 
  • Updated control to prevent creation of duplicate Payment #
  • Added ‘Purchase Order #’ to Holdback Release grid
7.5 Adjustments 
  • Added ‘Cost Code’ to Transactions & Adjustment Entries grids
  • Updated Adjustment Control to ensure that if Vendor transactions require Matching prior to being available in Adjustments, where Vendor Invoice Matching is enabled
7.5 Period Close
  • Added Year to the columns in interface [Case:8598 Secure]
7.6 Administration
  • Bug fix re: Vendor Invoices not available in Unsubmit Exports feature


8. Project Reporting
8.1 Scheduled Reports
  • Updated “PO Print with Documents” to immediately appear in the grid
  • Bug fix re: Scheduled Reports Date Range is current date, but includes reports ran yesterday
8.2 Project Dashboard
  • Bug fix re: Fully Committed Budget & PO Commitment incorrect when values are negative
8.3 Project Details Report
  • Updated design to require user to ‘Update’ to query for data, to improve performance and experience.  Click the ‘Options’ dialogue to update the Date Range and then click Update in the grid, to load the data for the requested data range.

8.4 Project Summary Report
  • Added: Accounting Code to Excel report
  • Added: Grand total for SV%
  • Bug fix re: Whoops error when running report when running report to Excel or PDF and the Progress Measurement has been deleted by a different user
  • Bug fix re: Accrued Cost is including Vendor Invoices Dated outside of Progress Measurement date
  • Bug fix re: Approved Change Order Costs is displaying the Baseline value
  • Bug fix re: Total Revisions is populated even when Purchase Order has no Revisions, in the Project Summary Report by Vendor
  • Bug fix re: Holdback is reflecting values after Progress Measurement Date
8.5 Project Reports

8.5.1 Timeline Charts > Earned Value S Curve

  • Date ranges for Chart now should support “Weekly” Time-Phasing Period Default
  • Bug fix re: Negative Purchase Order Line Item excluded in Fully Committed budget line
  • Bug fix re: ETC, Earned Value and FTC values not displayed for Open Progress Measurement

8.5.2 Quick Reports > Budget Approval Report

  • Deprecated Report

8.5.3 Timesheets > Jobsite 

  • Added ‘Project Manager’ column
8.6 Custom Reports

8.6.1 Templated > Project > All Procurement Items

  • Bug fix re: Purchase Order Markup % entered on a line item After Revision not displaying in Report
  • Added field:
    1. Division

8.6.2 Dashboard > Global > All Projects Summary

  • Updated “Actual Margin” field to %
  • Added field:
    1. Division

8.6.3 Dashboard > Global > All Projects Details

  • Updated behavior to exclude Billable Quantity with no Rate Type (Surcharges)
9. Business Intelligence
9.1 Finance/HR
  • Updated Invoice Report to provide Summary and Detail on same Excel Report; added new fields into the Report UI and Excel Report
9.2 Export Documents

9.2.1 Vendor Invoices

  • Bug fix re: Vendor Invoice Export Document # in lower grid is incorrect

If you want to learn more about this software upgrade – and we hope you do – please feel free to email us at info@4castplus.com.

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