Streamline Everything

Gain total control and deep visibility into Project Costs and Vendor Performance. 4castplus helps eliminate project surprises and slashes the chances of project cost overruns

Complete, Accurate and in Real-Time

4castplus brings you closer to how your projects are performing so you can take action and keep things humming to plan. With the uncertainty around oil price we’re currently experiencing, Energy Industry Companies are ever more aware of the need for project cost controls on major projects.

Oil & Gas Producers, Midstream and Pipeline Constructors trust the 4castplus platform to stay on top of their Suppliers & Subcontractors to ensure they’re getting the best productivity on the market. It’s time to wipe out the surprise of unexpected costs that stack up as a project is coming to a close. For full control and visibility into costs, accruals, remaining cost-to-complete and vendor performance, 4castplus delivers total control and real-time clarity into your projects.

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Drive Project Certainty

Total Project Control

4castplus delivers complete visibility and control on all project costs, activities, vendors, accruals and forecasted projections. It’s all cloud and web-based, so your entire project team in all corners of the planet can be updating information concurrently – the project controls and project management dashboards are updated instantaneously delivering the full picture of your project’s health.

Oil & Gas Procurement

The 4castplus procurement system is designed with many features tailored to the oil and gas industry.  Trust your critical purchases, reporting and successful delivery of materials, equipment and services to a system that is built for the complexities of your industry.

Total Unity and One-Touch Data Simplicity

Organizations seeking to reduce the need to re-key data from one place to the next will achieve the control and simplicity of One-Touch data. With 4castplus, information only goes in once; then is used in multiple places for multiple purposes. Collaborate with your project team on estimates, procurement and change orders. Everyone’s looking at the same information all the time – no fear of data being out of date or not in sync. 4castplus is available anywhere and on any device, so you can access it from work, home and the airplane and you’re always in sync.

Integrate Your Enterprise Project Solutions

4castplus has a rich API and import/export features that allow you to integrate data from other enterprise tools such as: MS Project, Primavera, Estimating tools, your ERP and Procurement solutions, Payroll and Materials Management. Bring together your entire enterprise into One Platform that delivers a common project view for everyone.