Implementation & Training

At 4castplus, we’re obsessed with your success.

Our professional services team is highly experienced in efficiently and accurately tailoring the configuration and implementation of 4castplus for your organization. They can provide a wealth of expertise in determining the ideal setup for your business to get you up and seeing results quickly and cost-effectively. Our advisors are also available to consult on best practices in areas such as: Cost Controls, Procurement, Earned Value Management, Project Management and more.


With 4castplus quick configuration, import capability, and easy-to-use features, most businesses can achieve a successful implementation in only a few weeks; and at a minimum cost. Leveraging our team of experts ensures this process is streamlined and clean, with detailed quality checks and data validation along the way.

We structure a 4castplus Implementation to ease the effort required in adopting a business critical software solution. By working closely with your organization, we obtain a clear understanding of your business objectives and work with your team to achieve a timely and efficient realization of those objectives. We review your current project workflows & processes and develop a clear plan to implement 4castplus with minimum disruption and maximum return.


4castplus trainers apply a simple and easy to follow approach to getting new users up to speed on the system. 4castplus is such an intuitive system to use, many users have successfully figured it out on their own without any training. While this is an acceptable approach, we nevertheless do recommend training to fast-track the learning process; along with ensuring users obtain a deep understanding of some of the more complex workflows available in 4castplus. We most often recommend a gradual approach using real-life scenarios and real projects in a sandbox environment.

You get a Sandbox

As a cloud-based solution, each 4castplus client is provided with a free training/sandbox account that is a secure mirror of their live environment. This enables users to become trainers to train their own people in a safe playground where they can setup samples, try out new features and discover new ways to get value from the software.

Expert Services

At 4castplus, we don’t just provide you technology; we also show you how to use it. Not all organizations are equipped with the resources or expertise to know how to take full advantage of the power of 4castplus. So we’re here to provide you the assistance you need in making sure you get the most out of your technology investment. Click to read more about our Expert services.

“The team at 4castplus really take the time to understand our business. They treat us well, they’re responsive and truly have an amazing software product. Highly recommended.” -Robin W.
Robin Weseen, Manager of Environmental and Waste Management, Summit Liability Environmental Ltd.


Free Webinars

4castplus software is upgraded on a continuous delivery model. This means that new features are released regularly, and seamlessly to the user. We provide free webinars after each release to highlight the new features, workflows and reports.

User Forum

4castplus provides a free user forum that is monitored by our support staff. You can share ideas, suggestions, questions and issues that you may come across with other 4castplus users around the world.

4castplus Custom Development

Organizations can take advantage of the strength and experience in the 4castplus software development team to provide custom designed reports, forms and specific functionality. Being on a “continuous delivery” model of upgrades; new reports and functionality can be delivered into the software quickly and seamlessly to the user.