Interactive and Dynamic Reporting

Our clients love the ability to get critical project information in a single click. 4castplus is packed with a multitude of reports that are available instantly for viewing, interacting with, sharing, and printing. You can also customize reports to meet your specific needs.

With interactive reports, you can play with the data to drill-down to any level of detail you need to uncover the complete picture of project activities and status. Here’s a quick list of some of the single-click interactive reports:

Cost and Revenue Reports

In just seconds, you can view a full detailed project report on every level of your work breakdown structure. Evaluate key metrics like: Baseline & Current Estimate, Actual Cost, Earned Value, Variance, ETC, Total Hours, Remaining Hours, Work in Progress, Billed to Date, and much more.

Client Reports

Project Summary Report: For regular status reporting, or when your clients ask you for an impromptu report – 4castplus provides instant answers in a single click. Amaze your customers with an immediate response – set the bar high and deliver the results that set you apart. No more answers like, “I’ll crunch some numbers and have something to you by tomorrow.”

Project Progress Report: As part of the backup required for a progress draw, 4castplus provides a progress report that delivers a flexible output of project progress details and percent complete.

Progress Backup: With the 4castplus Rules of Credit system for determining progress, you can supplement your progress report with a detailed synopsis of where exactly those percent complete numbers are coming from.  Avoid any disputes about project progress, and speed up the payment term by giving your clients the answers up front.

Work In Progress

The 4castplus WIP report delivers the full picture of your business financial position. Packed with detailed information, the WIP has key metrics that you can pivot on numerous indicators such as: Customer, Project, Purchase Order/Vendor, Invoice, etc. View WIP, Backlog, Cost, Revenue, Invoiced, Prior Year Comparisons, EVM metrics, and much more.

Benchmark Reports

As any estimator will tell you: you need to know the past to be able to reasonably predict the future. A ‘benchmark’ report gives the estimator a wealth of historical information to make those cost predictions. Historical information refers to an organization’s past usages, prices, quantities and suppliers of materials, equipment and subcontractor resources. Each 4castplus benchmark report is packed with contextual intelligence over and above just the rate and quantity of items used and work completed. Estimators will depend heavily on the benchmark reports when estimating new projects to ensure and validate accuracy. In the estimating worksheets, 4castplus will populate the pre-configured rates for all resources as the defaults used in estimate line-items; but estimators can override these pre-configured rates with plug values on the fly. Click here to see more in the news.


In addition to historical benchmark trends; with 4castplus you can trend key EVM metrics so that you can know more than just a snapshot of where you’re at right now. Knowing how you’re trending delivers a much greater indication of your project’s health. Metrics such as: CPI, SPI, SV, CV, PC, ETC and EAC are all captured and trended.


An interactive S-Curve chart along with other similar chart derivations are available in a click. View estimate, actual, earned value, and forecast in an interactive chart.

Time Phased Reports

With its built-in time-phased budgeting system, 4castplus provides several reports showing how cash expenditures will play out over time. View month-over-month spend pattern broken down by WBS item at all levels.

Manpower Loading

In an instant, view a projection of work force requirements by role and time period.  As you plan & prepare for upcoming projects, 4castplus will keep a running tally of the load by role. This is vital for planning your labor prerequisites to ensure you have the capacity to execute on projects.

Labor Hours Reports

For labor-intensive organizations, it’s critical to have a detail report showing labor utilization and activity broken down by all WBS levels. With 4castplus, we give you this in a single click.

Resource Reports

Numerous reports on your labor, equipment and materials resources are provided. View historical activity, trends, utilization, costs, revenues and much more. Aggregate resources and pivot on a variety of key metrics.

Attach documents to resources such as your equipment fleet to provide safety instructions, specifications, maintenance schedules and more.

Vendor Performance Reports

View historical activity by vendor and comparisons of vendor performance. See estimated versus actual trended over time by vendor. Rate your vendors on a 5-star rating system.

Custom Report Designs

We can provide any customized report you need. Our clients are thrilled with our custom report services. Whether it’s client-facing reports or a custom Change Order, Purchase Order, Invoice or Quote – we can deliver your needs quickly and accurately.

With a few clicks, you can find answers to questions such as:

  • What is the accumulated total cost for all completed projects in the past year?
  • What was our gross margin in the past quarter?
  • How many projects have gone over budget and by how much?
  • How many equipment hours were consumed by what projects?
  • What was our total cost for Health & Safety in the past 3 months?
  • What is my projected project cash-flow over the next 6 months?
  • Who are our main suppliers by material type?
  • What was our average rate paid by material in the past 2 years?
  • Who were our top five customers during the first quarter of the year?
  • What customer contributed most to our top-line; and more importantly, did they contribute as much to our bottom line?
  • Who is our most productive Sub-Contractor?
  • Which Employees or Contractors are putting in overtime and how much?
  • What is the total amount Invoiced vs. the total amount yet to be Invoiced on all In-Progress projects?

… And many many more