This is Where it All Comes Together

4castplus is flush with robust reporting that delivers powerful results in a single click. Dashboards, Ad-Hoc Reports, Canned Reports and Custom Reports – all available in a fast & easy-to-use interface. Empower yourself with knowledge in Real-Time.

A Report-Driven Interface

4castplus is rich with reports throughout the system. It has been designed to enable users to quickly navigate around and access interactive reports on all aspects of projects, programs, resources, vendors, changes, contracts, billings, status, and much more. Regardless of the reporting interface, 4castplus has adopted a “One-Step-To-Excel” philosophy that enables users to export any report to formatted Excel for printing and further processing.


  1. Project Manager’s Dashboard: An interactive, customizable dashboard enabling project managers to take a global view of their projects, and take quick action in key areas.
  2. Project Dashboard: The project dashboard is a combination of project KPIs, charts, quick launch reports for drilldowns, and interactive reports.
  3. Program Dashboard: The Program/Portfolio dashboard combines the essential KPIs for the multiple projects in a program. Drilldown reports and quick-launch reports are available from this dashboard.
  4. Executive Dashboard: A customizable dashboard for executive-level reporting
  5. Documents Dashboard: A specialized dashboard for users to view the status of documents currently in a workflow
  6. Procurement Dashboard: The Procurement dashboard shows a quick view of costs, accruals, invoiced and committed for a project. Numerous quick-launch reports are available from this dashboard.

User-Customizable Dashboards

4castplus provides powerful tools for designing dashboard reports and dashboard charts.

Watch the following video to see how to create a user-defined dashboard chart:

Timeline Reports

  1. Project Forecast Spend Timeline: This shows a timeline chart with Baseline budget, Current budget, Pending budget, Forecast budget and Actual costs over the date range chosen. Exporting to excel will include both tabular and the chart.
  2. S-Curve Report
  3. Timeline Reports by WBS Workpackage: This report allows the user to simply click on a workpackage (task) on the WBS, and then choose from four timeline reports: Forecast Spend, S-Curve, and two reports comparing EVM metrics.
  4. Labor Hours Forecast: Visually presents budgeted labor hours against actual hours. Also includes Baseline, Current, Pending and Forecast hours.
  5. Material Cost Forecast: Visually presents budgeted material costs against actual costs. Also includes Baseline, Current, Pending and Forecast costs for all materials on the project.
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Custom Report Builder

4castplus comes equipped with an easy-to-use report builder that enables users to create custom templates that can be run on-demand. Users can generate new templates interactively and specify groupings, subtotals, summaries; and select from hundreds of available data fields. There is no limit to the number of templates that can be uploaded and shared.

Business Intelligence Reporting

4castplus has a built-in Business Intelligence area which provides corporate-level reporting. From here, users at a management level can find a rich list of reports that consolidate & aggregate data on: Projects, Labor, Equipment, Materials, Changes, Vendors, Finances, Payroll, and much more.

Standard Reports

  1. Productivity Report: This report is designed to provide a wealth of project information that additionally includes quantity-per-hour productivity metrics at all level of the project.
  2. Project Summary: Shows a breakdown of budget, actuals, changes, forecasts and EVM metrics by WBS. This is available as interactive, canned and drilldown.
  3. Program Forecast Spend: This summarizes a collection (such as a Program) of projects in a tabular & chart format that lays-out spend to date along with forecasted spend month-over-month for the remainder of the program.
  4. Change Log: This interactive report summarizes all change orders on a project. Also available in Business Intelligence, where all changes for all projects are summarized.
  5. Material Benchmark: This is a very valuable report for estimators to utilize in gathering historical benchmark rates, units, quantities and costs.
  6. Purchase Order Items Detail: This Interactive and Excel report lists all detail items committed onto purchase orders over a date range. Group, sort, filter and choose columns for a formatted Excel export.
  7. Transactions Reports: There are several transaction-level reports that can be tailored to the user’s needs. All transactions including: timesheet, PO transactions and non-PO vendor transactions are available.
  8. Manpower Loading: This report breaks out all budgeted labor disciplines over a timeline, and presents the anticipated labor hours by discipline for each month on the date range selected. There is both a tabular and two chart versions of this report.

Procurement Reports

Given that 4castplus has an integrated and robust procurement system, there is a great variety of procurement-related reports to draw from. Including:

  1. Purchase Order Summary-Detail
  2. Purchase Order Register
  3. Purchase Order Items Detail
  4. RFQ/RFP Reports
  5. Vendor Bid Analysis
  6. Expediting Summary and Detail reports
  7. Expediting Timeline & Critical Path
  8. Vendor Reports
  9. Accrual Reports
  10. Receiving Summary
  11. Cost Code Report and Cost Code Forecast