The Proven Solution for Large Infrastructure Projects

4castplus is a proven solution to provide large infrastructure projects with the critical Cost Management and Project Controls tools fit for projects of this scale. With its rich feature set designed for keeping major projects on track, 4castplus provides both the client, and all members of a Joint Venture, with powerful planning, data capture, and critical reporting for all operational needs.

The Tricky Thing about P3 Projects …

At 4castplus, we have experience with P3 Projects – bringing together the various joint-venture partners and their staff into a single, collaborative platform that delivers the key tools and reporting required for JV projects. 4castplus is cloud-based, efficient to implement and very easy to use. All staff and contractors can access the system from anywhere: the Office, Jobsite, etc.

Infrastructure and P3 projects

A Few Key Features We’d Like to Tell You About …

Project Cost Controls

4castplus is rich with Project Controls features to ensure your teams keep your Projects and Programs on plan and budget.  Give your teams the right tools – Such as: Change Management, Earned Value Management, Progress Measurements, Budget versus Actual Reporting, Real-Time Cost Monitoring, and much more.  Dashboards and custom reports are available at all levels of the organization.
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Project controls software

Daily Cost Capture of all Jobsites for Real-Time Cost Monitoring

4castplus has a built-in suite of cost tracking modules to deliver real-time visibility into project costs, performance and comparisons to budget. The specialized Jobsite tracking modules for Field Data Capture give your site personnel key tools for tracking daily costs and activities. Multiple Jobsites can be tracked concurrently so that costs are rolled up to a Program level or Master Project level. Click here to read more.

Integration with P6

Primavera P6
Primavera P6 is a critical scheduling tool of choice for any major project, and 4castplus works in harmony with P6 to synchronize your scheduling with your Cost Management data. 4castplus picks up where P6 leaves off to manage the detail budgets, forecasts, procurement, resources, cost tracking and much more. Together, it’s the ultimate best-of-breed solution for your projects.

Procurement and Contract Management

The 4castplus Procurement system is a highly-specialized purchasing, RFP, contract management and tracking solution designed for large construction projects. It’s integrated tightly with the WBS, CBS and all your project coding and resources.  You can even use this procurement solution in tandem with your purchasing module from your ERP.  Click here to read more.

Powerful Enterprise Data Management

4castplus provides a suite of tools for you to extract data to populate other enterprise tools. As a key operational cost management solution, users enter a tremendous amount of data into 4castplus on a daily basis.  Getting that data out and into other systems is critical for full enterprise data management.

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