4castplus User Licensing

4castplus is licensed on a Seat-Based model where each user requiring login access is granted a User Profile as described below. The User Profile defines their system access entitlements. Each profile has a default set of entitlements which can be further refined by using the configurable Permissions system contained within 4castplus.

The 10 User Profiles are divided into 4 pricing tiers as shown below.

User Profiles

A User Profile is only required for those users which need login access to the system. You can create unlimited additional non-login-access labor resources within 4castplus at no charge. A breakdown of access entitlements by profile is provided further below. The list of available profiles is as follows:


  • Administrator
  • Project Manager Pro


  • Project Manager Plus
  • Project Administrator
  • Procurement Plus


  • Finance
  • Site Foreman
  • Business Intelligence


  • Time Entry Plus
  • Time Entry

System Entitlements by Profile

The license profile types below are presented in order of least to most system access. Most profiles inherit access from other profiles. This inheritance path is identified in the profile description. For example, even though access to Approvals isn’t explicitly mentioned in the Site Foreman profile, it is inherited from the Time Entry profile.

Time Entry (Tier-4)
This profile is for users who will only be entering their own timesheet and expenses. They also have access to Approvals.

  • My Timesheet
  • My Expenses
  • My Approvals – includes all approval types

Time Entry Plus (Tier-4)
This profile provides users with access to the full suite of weekly tracking tools in addition to their own timesheet and expense tracking.
Entitlements (Inherits Time Entry):

  • Weekly Timekeeper Tracking for Labor
  • Weekly Equipment Tracking
  • Weekly Materials Tracking
  • Weekly Progress Tracking
  • Weekly Vendor Invoice Tracking
  • My Approvals – includes all approval types

Site Foreman (Tier-3)
This profile is explicitly designed for those tracking Daily Jobsite field data.
Entitlements (Inherits Time Entry):

  • Daily Labor, Equipment and Materials Tracking
  • 3rd Party Expense Tracking
  • Document Upload and Routing
  • Configurable Daily Log
  • Daily LEM report
  • Labor Expenses for full Crew
  • Jobsite Purchase Order Receiving – “Field Receiving”

Finance (Tier-3)
The Finance profile is intended for those users needing access to perform accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and other HR & finance functions.
Entitlements (Inherits Time Entry):

  • Project AR Invoicing
  • Third Party Invoice Matching and Approval. For both 2-way matching and 3-way matching.
  • AP, AR, Payroll and Resource Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Timesheet Administration

Business Intelligence (Tier-3)
This profile is for users who only need access to corporate-level reporting and business intelligence analysis.

  • Access to Business Intelligence Reporting area

Procurement Plus (Tier-2)
This profile is designed for those users who only need access to the 4castplus Procurement Subsystem. This also grants access to certain areas of configuration such as Vendors.
Entitlements (Inherits Time Entry):

  • Purchase Order Management
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Requests For Quote
  • Expediting
  • Purchase Order Receiving
  • Vendor Invoice Matching and Attest
  • Vendor Management
  • Procurement Reporting

Project Administrator (Tier-2)
This profile is designed for project support (admin) personnel. It’s intended to enable them to setup & prepare projects and perform basic project management functions in support of the project managers.
Entitlements (Inherits Site Foreman):

  • Project Management – Project Administration, WBS, CBS, Schedule, Resource assignments
  • Estimating
  • Progress Measurements
  • Project & Program Reporting
  • Access to Document Repository

Project Manager Plus (Tier-2)
The PM-Plus profile provides all project management, project controls and project reporting access. It also provides access to all tracking subsystems.
Entitlements (Inherits Time Entry Plus, Site Foreman):

  • Project Management – Project Administration, WBS, CBS, Schedule, Resource permissions and assignments
  • Estimating
  • Progress Measurements and Project Controls including EVM metrics
  • Change Management
  • Project Reporting including Custom Report Builder
  • Document Search & Retrieval
  • Access to Document Repository
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • MS Project Schedule Integration
  • Program planning, management and reporting
  • Business Intelligence Reporting for Projects
  • Project Resource Scheduling (future)

Project Manager Pro (Tier-1)
The PM-Pro profile provides all project management, project controls, and project reporting access along with access to: Procurement, Customer Invoicing and full access to the Business Intelligence reporting area.
Entitlements (Inherits Procurement Plus, Project Manager Plus):

  • Project AR Invoicing
  • Business Intelligence Reporting

Administrator (Tier-1)
Administrators have access to all system functionality. Including access to the Configuration area which enables users to customize 4castplus to their specific company requirements. Administrators can unlock, reassign and approve deadlocked approvals.
Entitlements (Inherits Project Manager Pro):

  • Full Access to Configuration
  • Approval Overrides
  • Document Repository

License Plan Matrix


Project Manager Pro

Project Manager Plus

Project Administrator

Procurement Plus


Business Intelligence


Time Entry Plus

Time Entry

Project Management

Project and program planning, WBS, CBS, Scheduling, Reporting

Project Controls

Earned Value Management, Budgeting, Forecasting, Change Management, Dashboards & drilldown reports, Timeline & cash-flow reporting, S-Curve

Project Estimating

Resource estimating, Time-phased budgets, estimate imports, Benchmark reporting, Bid/Quote management, templates, assemblies

Procurement Management

Create & issue Purchase Orders, RFQ, Requisitions, Expediting, Receiving, Invoicing, Vendor Mgmt, Contract Mgmt, Reporting

Time & Expense Tracking

Labor Timesheet & Expense tracking, banked time, vacation, approvals

Daily Jobsite LEM Tracking

Daily field capture of LEM plus third party charges, documents, daily log, daily progress, job reporting, expenses, subsistence

Weekly LEM Tracking

Access to modules for weekly LEM tracking, vendor invoices and progress

System Configuration

Administrative setup of labor, equipment and materials resources. Configure cost and billing rates. Create resource disciplines, approval workflows, roles and classes. Configure vendors, taxes, customers, cost codes, system preferences and company data.

Finance Integration

LiveLink tools to Sync 4castplus with your accounting system

Business Intelligence Reporting

Corporate-level reporting for projects, programs, resources, vendors, cost codes, customers, etc. Labor & workforce metrics, historical benchmarks, payroll, AP and AR reporting

Customer Billing (AR)

Prepare and issue invoices for accounts receivable. Create adjustments. Financial Reporting.

Document Management

DMS for organizing, storing, searching, versioning, naming, metadata, of project and corporate documents.