Preparing Construction Projects for post COVID-19

We’ve been researching and gathering a variety of resources we hope will help our clients, our industry and our community to navigate the current COVID-19 situation as best they can. We’ll be updating this and other documents as events continue to unfold daily.

Preparing Construction Projects for post COVID-19

Flattening the Curve

It might be a good idea to start with talking about our own personal actions and how they contribute to expediting how quickly this lockdown situation we’re in can end. We keep hearing about this flattening the curve, but what does it really mean, and how does it make this situation end sooner? The Washington Post has put together an insightful article that includes simulators on how the spread of a pandemic works. It provides visual evidence as to why social distancing works, and how this can speed our recovery.

Preparing Your Construction Project to come back Online

While some construction projects are considered “Essential” and are continuing to operate, many have come to an abrupt halt to lessen the COVID-19 spread.  For those projects, ConstructionDive has prepared an excellent resource to shed some light on what can be done proactively to prepare projects for the post-COVID-19 restart.  This should help you smooth the transition by ensuring you have sufficiently documented your project’s current state including photos, current costs, as-built completions, etc. They also encourage you to pre-order any necessary materials, rented equipment, etc. to account for required lead times. 

Mechanical Contractors of America has also put together a webinar series on contingency plans to share important strategies to get through this successfully.

Monitoring the Spread, Rise and Decline of the Pandemic

As so many have said over the past few weeks, this too shall pass. Yes, it will all be over before long, so it’s wise to know when to start preparing for when that day will come. It’s also prudent to stay on top of how things are playing out in your area of the world so as to be compliant and aware of local laws, resources, etc. Here are some key resources for a few geographies:

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