4castplus 3i – December 14th, 2014

The major enhancements in this release are with Reporting and with the Microsoft Project Live Link. The Custom Report Builder has two key new datasets to enhance its value and provide tremendous flexibility for internal and client reporting. As for the MS Project Live Link, if you’re a Project user, it’s probably a good time to check out this tool as it’s received a number of key enhancements that make it much more powerful and flexible. As usual there were a number of interface improvements and bug fixes that we hope will make your experience more enjoyable and powerful. Read-on for more. Be sure to click on the screenshots to get a quick-view on how to get started.

Area: Reporting

Custom Report Builder

Significant extensions to Ad-Hoc reporting have been added through the Custom Report Builder.  Including:

  • Two new custom report data sets have been added:
    • WBS (Cost). This enables you to create custom reports broken down by the full work breakdown structure. Choose from 68 data fields to include in your report.
    • WBS (Revenue). Similar to the WBS cost dataset, this dataset provides the revenue fields broken down by WBS.  Choose from 55 data fields to include in your report.
  • You can now add grouping and subtotals to user-selected custom report fields.  See screenshots to the right.
  • You can now add formatting to WBS folders.  See screenshot to the right.

Ad Hoc Project Reporting

Purchase Order Ad Hoc Reporting

Project Spend Profile

The new Project Spend Profile report is designed to summarize capital project spend for a program or project summary. It details all current capital projects in the program (or company/division) and compares Budget, Actual and Forecast for the current and future years in a month-over-month report. There is both a tabular and chart version of the report. You can export the report to Excel for printing and further processing.

Project spend forecast

Planned Value, Earned Value, Actual Cost

Invoice Summary Report

As per requests from clients, the invoice Summary Report in Business Intelligence has been revamped to show greater detail, formatting and drill-down capability.

Project Summary Report

The project summary report (formerly the Project Quick Report) now includes charts in the Excel version of the report. The report also now breaks out the Contingency on a separate row before the total project summary budget.

Charts in project summary report

Project S-Curve Report

The S-Curve report can now be visualized by Cost, Revenue or Hours. Choose the perspective using the available tabs. You can also now export the charts to PDF and to Excel. The Excel version also includes the tabular data.

S-Curve For Revenue and Labor hours

AREA: Microsoft Project Live Link Integration

The MS Project Live Link to 4castplus has received a number of enhancements to increase capability and flexibility.

  • You can now insert parameters into your MS Project file that provide instructions to the Live Link as to how to import tasks into 4castplus. For example, you can specify Progressing tasks in Project that will be imported as Rules of Credit in 4castplus. You can also specify schedule-only tasks in Project that will be ignored by 4castplus (so as to not clutter the WBS in 4castplus with items that will never have budget or progress)
  • There is a new Attach feature that allows you to link an MS Project file to an existing 4castplus project
  • There are new reports in 4castplus that give visibility into the Live Link status, including last sync date, sync file used, last person to sync, etc.

MS Project Live Link Dashboard

Area: Contingency Management

Further enhancements to project contingency management in this release include a new area on the project profile to manage contingency adjustments. You can tweak the total contingency reserve by adding & removing lump sum adjustments. You can specify positive or negative amounts to adjust the contingency by. Included is a summary report of the total contingency and how it’s been derived.
You can also now add a Cost Code for the contingency. This is to enable you to line-up the contingency amount with your financial system.

Project Contingency Management

Upcoming in the next release:

We have a lot of exciting new features planned, here are a couple that may interest you. As always, we welcome your ideas and suggestions.
• Project Manager’s Status Report
• Forecasting by Resource Quantities

There’s More of Course

As with any release, we continue to add Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes as requested by clients and discovered by us. We’re committed to providing vital enterprise tools to make the management of engineering and construction projects easy and rich with powerful features.

To learn more about this software upgrade and more, please feel free to email us at info@4castplus.com or sign up for a free live demo of 4castplus.