4castplus 3i – January 27th, 2014

Enhancements in Procurement, Reporting and Cost Controls Areas

This minor-release of 4castplus 3i provides additional reporting and enhanced workflows, along with a few tweaks and bug fixes. Read on to learn more.

Procurement and Cost Controls Reporting

1) Provide ‘Purchase Order Register’
2) Cost Code Report showing Budget and Actual by cost code and cost code elements
3) Add a date range filter to the Procurement Dashboard > Summary Purchasing Report
4) Display ‘Buyer, ‘Expeditor’ and ‘Responsible Engineer’ in Summary Purchasing Report
5) Add ‘Currency’ and ‘Expeditor’ columns to PO Items Detail Report
6) Display both PO Currency and Base CCY costs in PO Items Detail Report
7) Update to Purchase Order Item Details Report to display only committed POs and Revisions

Purchase Requisitions

1) Provide workflow to ‘Delete’ PO Items from Requisition Summary and Detail grids
2) Present Buyer, Responsible Engineer and Expeditor drop-downs alphabetically
3) Provide PO Item Description ‘Edit’ capability in the Detail Purchase Requisition Grid
4) Provide ‘Auto-Fill’ feature and up-down capability in Detail Purchase Requisition Grid

Requests For Quote

1) Provide ‘Delete’ RFQ workflow
2) Provide RFQ Summary information in RFQ screen
3) Provide RFQ Status fields in Vendor Submissions screen
4) Remove Vendor Response drop down from the Edit Submission Screen
5) Update the RFQ Main Grid fields ‘Issued Date’ & ‘Bid Received Date’ fields to reflect Actual not Scheduled dates
6) Update RFQ Currency drop-down to the same as PO Currency drop-down
7) Provide ‘sticky feature’ for RFQ Details > RFQ Type, Issued By and Attachment content
8) Provide ‘Auto-Fill’ feature and up-down capability in Detail RFQ Grid
9) Trim whitespace on RFQ Form
10) Bug fix re: Vendor Submission Primary contact column not populating in the Summary grid
11) Bug fix re: Vendor Decline date cannot be selected

Enhancements to Creating, Issuing and Reporting Purchase Orders

1) Provide capability to display original and revised PO attachment content. This enables the user to view baseline PO side-by-side with revisions.
2) Resize the Purchase Order > Terms and Conditions text box
3) Provide ‘Auto-Fill’ feature and up-down capability in Detail RFQ Grid
4) Trim whitespace on Purchase Order Form
5) Bug fix re: Error when user does not select a PO, but clicks on ‘Print this Revision’
6) Bug fix re: Unapproved vendors are available for selection
7) Bug fix re: Taxes on Purchase Order form still calculating when Apply Taxes is deselected
8) Bug fix re: Close button is not displaying on Attached Document to PO screen

Enhancements to Expediting

1) Expediting – Delete Receiving Document
2) Enhancements to Receiving Grid workflow re: up-down navigation and provision of selection boxes
3) Improvements and further display options on the Expediting Summary Report
4) Provide ‘Auto-Fill’ feature and up-down capability in Detail RFQ Grid
5) Bug fix re: PO Receiving being recorded in Project totals as PO CCY instead of Project CCY
6) Bug fix re: unable to add a Receipt to In-Revising PO
7) Bug fix re: Percent Complete field is not populating in expediting worksheet grid
8) Bug fix re: Percent Complete is formatting as a number

Additional features in Configuration & Administration

1) Provide access to Vendors for permissioned buyers
2) Usability enhancements in Configuration > Organization > Procurement re: Save and New buttons and Sort Order incrementing automatically
3) Change Currency configuration to use Culture selection rather than a Text field
4) Add ‘Delete’ to Configuration > Custom Properties – Terms and Conditions
5) Provide permission around ‘Submit Receiving Report’, PO Mgmt workflows, Expediting workflows, ‘Print Order’ in both RFQ and Purchase Order
6) Expediting Worksheet Enhancements re: removal of column selector to speed grid load
7) Provision of Materials Query

Many more Usability Enhancements, New Reports, Tweaks and Bug Fixes have also gone into this release that are designed to make procurement on construction projects easy and rich with powerful features.


To learn more about this software upgrade and more, please feel free to email us at sales@4castplus.com or sign up for a free live demo of 4castplus.