4castplus 3i – July 5th, 2014

This release of 4castplus 3i provides new capability in Billing Rate Tables management, Cost Code Management, and numerous new reports. There is also a new permissions feature for restricting a project view to “Revenue Only”. Please read through below to learn more. And be sure to click on the screenshots to get a better understanding of where and how to find these features.

AREA: Project Management

New: Revenue-Only View

We’ve added a “Revenue-Only Project View” Permission.  When set up with this Permission, a user will only see the Billable metrics and reports on billable projects.  If, for example, you want certain project managers to only have access to the revenue-side of the business and not have visibility into cost information – such as cost rates for employees – set this permission on that person’s labor profile. See the screenshot to the right for how to find this permission setting.

Project Management Cost Permissions

Cost Code Management

Numerous Cost Codes Management Usability Improvements were included in this release.

  • Cost Code management is now more in-the-background for those organizations who don’t currently have a need for complex cost code management.
  • An “Is-Mandatory” option for cost codes has been added to help the automatic enforcement of complete cost code strings. This feature will make sure no items are estimated or procured on a partial or incomplete cost code. It’s an optional setting that includes improved messaging for user regarding incomplete cost codes
Cost Code Mandatory Rule Options

AREA: Business Intelligence Reporting

New Project Spend Forecast Report

Enhanced Project Spend Forecast Report now provides you the capability to view and report your baseline, current, pending and actual spend on a timeline curve.  This report displays both cumulative and weekly values and can be viewed either from a Cost or Billable view. You can run this report by clicking on any project in a program view, or in the All Projects Summary report in BI. You can also find it in the “Reports” tab under “Timeline” reports. Click on the screenshot to the right to get a glimpse of this report.

Spend forecast Report in Business Intelligence

New Charts on Manpower Loading Report

The Manpower Loading is now complimented with two chart views to help users visualize their discipline forecasts. You can hover over the charts to get details of which bar or bar-segment relates to which discipline. Click on the screenshot to the right to see more.

Charts for Resource Forecasting by Manpower and Discipline

Other Business-Intelligence Reports Enhancements

  • Enhancement to Equipment Summary Report to include Cost Codes in the Excel version of the report
  • Enhancements to the Invoice Summary Report user interface

AREA: Timesheet and Billing

New: Multiple Billing Rate Tables per Project

You can now identify a duration for your Billing Table and assign multiple Billing Tables to your project.  Actuals transactions entered through timesheets or vendor receives & invoices will calculate billable values based on the Billing Table in effect at the transaction time to determine actual revenues. Estimating will also utilize the rate table in effect to calculate unit price and total revenues.

In Configuration area, you’ll see a new tab when you edit a billing rate table called “Projects”. You can use this to globally manage the assignment of the billing rate table to all projects in the system.

See the screenshots to learn more.

Manage multiple Rate Sheets per project

Manage multiple labor billing rate tables per project

Manage multiple Rate Sheets per project

Advance-Invoicing on Fixed Price projects

4castplus billing now allows you to invoice your customer in advance of your project progress. You can now advance-bill clients for upfront payments.

AREA: Procurement

RFQ Issue Date Auto-populated

When an RFQ is first issued, the Issue Date in the RFQ is now auto-populated with that date.
See the screenshot to the right.

RFQ Issue date in procurement

Update to Expediting Report

This update enables users to select columns for display and printing. The expediting report can get quite large and becomes difficult to print on a page due to all the columns. With this feature, you can tailor which columns are included in the report.

Procurement Expediting Report Options

Other Procurement-Related Enhancements

  • Enhancement to PO Items Detail Report to display PO Revision Date
  • Enhancement to Expediting Worksheet Auto Fill feature.  Users are now enabled to use the Selection column to select the items to Auto Fill

AREA: Estimating

Several enhancements for usability and flexibility in estimating have been added. See below and the screenshots to the right for more details.

  • New ease-of-use options for bulk-adding labor, equipment and materials resources to an estimate
  • New Estimate Import options to import resource estimates based on cost code or by WBS number
  • Estimate Export into a Re-Importable File. You can now generate an export file from one project’s estimate that can be imported into another project’s estimate.

Project Detail Estimating

Project Detail Estimating Imports


There’s More of Course

Many more Usability Enhancements, Reports, Tweaks and Bug Fixes have also gone into this release that are designed to make managing construction projects easy and rich with powerful features.

To learn more about this software upgrade and more, please feel free to email us at sales@4castplus.com or sign up for a free live demo of 4castplus.