4castplus 3i – June 23rd, 2015

This release we’re very excited to bring you several key new features and enhancements that we think you’ll love. For instance:

  1. New: Vendor Attest for Invoice Matching against Non-PO vendor expenses
  2. New: Custom Report Builder – Corporate version in Business Intelligence
  3. New: Customizable Transaction Exports for transporting system transactions
  4. Enhancement: New Document Management Naming Rules
  5. Enhancement: New Design for the Adjustment Timesheet – It’s waaaay easier to use now
  6. Enhancement: Approvals Administration

These are all described in more detail below. We hope you find these features and enhancements provide tangible benefits to your organization. We’ll be happy to discuss them at greater length and hear your feedback, so please contact us if you’re interested to learn more.


Attest Vendor Expenses for Invoice Matching

As part of the ongoing effort to provide flexibility in capturing all field-related costs, we’ve added a new feature to allow you to “Attest” vendor charges. This specific feature is designed for expenses that occur outside of a purchase order agreement: also referred to as a “Non-PO Expense”. The Vendor Attest feature provides a way to match a vendor invoice against a previously entered vendor charge. Here’s an example scenario:

  • At the end of a workday, the Site Foreman enters a 3rd party charge onto the jobsite timesheet
  • The value of the charge might be an estimated amount at $1,100
  • This entry will incur transactions for cost and billable on the project
  • This also will add an Accrual to the project since there is no invoice as of yet
  • A week later, an invoice from the vendor arrives in the mail. The invoice is for $1,200
  • The AP clerk can utilize the 4castplus Vendor Attest feature to match the invoice against the original entry
  • That person can also enter the $100 adjustment
  • By attesting this invoice, the accrual is negated
  • The associated transaction will only be available to be invoiced to the client after it has been attested.

Vendor Expense Invoice matching

Vendor Expense Invoice Matching through the Attest feature

Approvals Administration

As the next phase in the Multi-Level approvals workflows that were released last month, this release adds further administration tools for visibility and management of workflows in progress. When approvals get stalled, for example, these tools provide the administrator ways to fix, report, escalate, and resubmit workflows to keep them moving.

Multi-Level Approvals Administration

Get visibility into approval workflows through the Approvals Administration pages

Labor Hours Status Report

The previous Reports on Unsubmitted, Unapproved and Rejected Hours has now been consolidated into one report, providing immediate visibility into the status of your labor hours for payroll and invoicing.

Labor Hours Status Reporting

Consolidated report for labor hours status

Labor hours status


Jobsite Timesheet Invoicing Package

The customer invoicing module now has an option for billing by Daily Jobsite Timesheet on Time & Materials, Cost Plus and Unit Price projects. The standard billing by transaction is still available and the default method.

Using this new billing option, users can select daily LEM timesheets as a master grouping of billable items. Additionally, all documents uploaded as part of any daily jobsite timesheet are also routed to be included in the billing package.

Invoicing for Daily LEM

For customer billing, there are now options for billing by daily LEM. This includes transactions, documents and 3rd party charges.


Transaction Exports for Integrations and External Reporting

You can now create customized Transaction Export documents for use in transferring selected system transactions to other enterprise solutions via Excel. Filter out the exact collection of transactions based on a date range and save to a “Document”. Once saved, that document can be exported to formatted Excel for any purpose you choose. This feature is available by permission-only. If you’re interested, please contact us and we’ll have it enabled on your account.

Project Transaction Exports

Transaction Export Documents provide flexible tools for exporting project costs, billings, payroll and other system data


Enhancements to the Adjustment Timesheet

We’ve simplified the interface to the adjustment timesheet to make it easier to record adjustments in a single screen. There is also new functionality to enable you to change Labor Resource Class as part of the adjustment.

Financial Transaction Adjustments

Revisions to the adjustment timesheet provide extended capabilities and make it much easier to use

Timesheet Administration has Moved

The administration of all timesheet types has moved to the Approvals area.

Timesheet administration

As you might expect, there’s more to this than we can fit onto this page
As with any release, we’ve added a number of usability enhancements and Bug Fixes as requested by clients and discovered by us. We’re committed to providing vital enterprise tools to make the management of engineering and construction projects easy and rich with powerful features.

To learn more about this software upgrade and more, please feel free to email us at info@4castplus.com or sign up for a free live demo of 4castplus.