4castplus 3i – June 2nd, 2014

This release of 4castplus 3i delivers a range of new reporting along with more power and flexibility for managing and configuring cost codes.

Power and Flexibility in Cost Code Management

  1. The configuration of Cost codes is now easier to use and offers many new features and reporting
  2. Cost code budgeting, actuals tracking, and cost code reporting have all been significantly enhanced
  3. New Cost Code Reporting

New Productivity Reports

  1. New Cost and Billable Period reports are now available which show a range of metrics on the defined Period, as well as To-Date project data. Metrics such as Hours/Unit, Budged vs. Actual vs. EV, CPI, SPI and much more are all included to bring insight into labor, vendor and overall project productivity. The reports have summary and detail sections for drill-down capability. Find these reports in Programs, All Projects Summary, and in the project at: Reports->Quick Reports.

New Resource Forecast Charts and Reports

  1. Labor Resource Forecast Curve. Chart showing forecasted labor hours trends over a user-input timeline. Shows baseline, current, pending and actual hours on a weekly basis. Find this in Project->Reports->Resources.
  2. Material Resource Forecast Curve. Chart showing forecasted materials consumption trends over a user-input timeline. Shows baseline, current, pending and actual in dollars on a weekly basis. Find this in Project->Reports->Resources.

Commodity Controls – Workpackage Quantities now under Change Order Control

  1. You’re now able to keep an audit trail of changes to workpackage commodity values over the life of the project.  After baseline, commodities (or deliverables) will require a change order to modify the quantity. This has the additional value of enabling you to enter proposed or pending quantity values to forecast what the project might look like if certain changes are approved.

Period Reporting on Programs and All-Projects-Summary

  1. Program reporting and All Projects Summary now show period date ranges. You can now quickly compare what was budgeted for the period (in hours and dollars), against what actually happened in the period.
  2. Many new metrics are also added to the standard reports – along with access to the Period Productivity Report.
  3. Separate tabs for Cost and Billable projects are also now offered

Enhancements to Estimating

  1. Easier Resource Pickers in detail estimates
  2. New – Create new resources directly from your estimate
  3. New – Choose sub-workpackage discipline cost codes on estimate detail items

More New Reports

  1. Period ‘Progress’ Report in Customer Invoicing. This report includes Quantities Progressed during the period along with period cost and total To-Date. Valuable for Unit Price contracts where billing is based on units completed or progressed. Find it when creating a new invoice, under “Reports”.
  2. Updated Reporting Formats for Invoice Backup.
  3. Labor Resource Assignments Report. Summarized report showing all workpackage labor assignments.
  4. Cost Code Report in Projects area; as well as a Cost Code Aggregated report in Business Intelligence. The Project report summarize all cost codes for the project and includes: Budget (baseline, current, pending), Actual, Committed, and many other metrics. The Business Intelligence version of the report will aggregate (or merge) identical cost codes from all projects to show more corporate-level insight into cost code analysis.
  5. Project Summary Report (Billable). Single-Click customer-facing report for Time & Materials billable projects. Available on the project Dashboard with options for including percent complete or not
  6. Updated Project Quick Report (Cost). Single-Click report summarizing budget, actual and Earned Value metrics.
  7. Daily Job Report. Single-Click report summarizing equipment, materials and daily log information for a single day

Many more Usability Enhancements, Reports, Tweaks and Bug Fixes have also gone into this release that are designed to make managing construction projects easy and rich with powerful features.

To learn more about this software upgrade and more, please feel free to email us at sales@4castplus.com or sign up for a free live demo of 4castplus.