4castplus update

4castplus Upgrade

June 27th, 2018


This is the R2, 2018 release of 4castplus. This is a shorter upgrade cycle, however is nevertheless rich with new features, enhancements and bug fixes. For example:

  • WBS Views. This enables you to now create pre-defined views for any WBS-based screen or report.
  • The “Division” in 4castplus is now fully rolled out to the entire system so that an organization’s divisions can be fully decoupled
  • Improvements to the 4castplus financial integration API
  • Addition of ‘Vendor Quantity’ in RFQ
  • A broad variety of further enhancements and new features

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1) Full Division Split

This upgrade enables you to segregate your organization’s divisions into fully decoupled entities within the same 4castplus account. With “Divisions”, you can have employees, contractors, vendors, resources, etc. that are unique to each division; and only allow cross-divisional reporting when/if required. Each labor resource that logs into the system will only see those projects, resources, workflows, etc. that are associated to their division.

2) Updates in Procurement and Subcontracting

2.1 Purchase Order Form Designer

New in this update is the ability for users to design their own Purchase Order format and content. The PO form designer gives full access to all purchase order data fields, along with a layout designer, to take full control of your unique purchase order requirements. You can design multiple PO forms to accommodate various scenarios.

2.2 RFP/RFQ and Vendor Portal

  • Provide enhancement to include Vendor Quantity that is separate from RFQ Quantity. This enables buyers to have visibility into any changes in quantity that occur through the tendering process
  • Provide enhancement to Quantity updates in all Procurement modules. There is now historical record of any Quantity updates that occur between Purchase Requisition, RFQ/RFP, and Purchase Orders.
  • Update to Vendor Bid Upload template and Bid Submissions screen to include Vendor Quantity.
  • Update Vendor Portal Bid Upload Template to allow the Vendor to input a different Qty than the RFQ Qty
  • Update to Commercial Bid Analysis Report to include Vendor Quantity and RFQ Title.

2.3 Purchase Orders and Purchase Requisitions

  • Update to Requisition Import to allow for import on Closed and New Requisitions
  • Provide alert when ‘Apply Taxes’ enabled in PO but no Tax Type selected on Commit
  • Remove control requiring Actual Date on advance payments
  • Bug fix re: Submit Purchase Order > Reject Purchase Order and Adding Line Item.  User receives alert that cannot add Line Item.

3) Estimates and Change Orders

3.1 Updates to Unit Price Estimating

In this release, Unit Price estimating Estimates now allows for input of Unit Price at the Workpackage level. This will force a back-calculation of mark-up in the Resource level estimate.  This enables the estimator to plug in a unit price, and the system will recalculate all the build-up of estimating take-off items.

3.2 Updates to Change Order Management

  • Add Change Order Status to Change Order Reports
  • Bug fix re: edit of Change Order # should be read only when form numbering is enabled
  • Bug fix re: Change Order Detail Report not displaying with all Change Orders
  • Bug fix re:  Change Order Unit Price is not preserved after Save

6) Reporting

6.1 New Reports and Reporting Enhancements

  1. Enhancement to WBS Pre-built and Custom Reports to allow defining of multiple custom report ‘Views’.
  2. New Program WBS Report (Summary and Detail).
  3. Provide Reporting and Curves for “Remaining Budget”
  4. Add ‘Site Foreman’ to Project & BI Details
  5. Update to Timeline Chart > Earned Value S-Curve Cost Report > Period to include the Year

7) Approvals and Vendor Invoice Matching

7.1 Vendor Invoice Matching Upgrades

  1. Update to Vendor Invoice Matching re: Select Transactions to add to existing Vendor Invoice, to automatically update the total.
  2. Bug fix re: Direct to Invoice > Create New Invoice on a PO that has been revised is only allowing invoice of new line items. This is now fixed.

8) Jobsite

8.1 Upgrades to the Jobsite Timesheet and Field Receiving

  1. Display Purchase Order Title in Field Receiving screen
  2. Provide Unsubmit for Jobsite Payroll/Non-Payroll within the Jobsite Timesheet
  3. Include ‘Markup Cost’ and ‘Markup Percent’ in the Jobsite Designer > Field Receiving section
  4. Add Totals to Jobsite Timesheet Report in Projects > Reports > Timesheets

If you want to learn more about this software upgrade and more – and we hope you do – please feel free to email us at info@4castplus.com. Or, if you’ve landed on this page and you’re not already a customer, here’s where you can sign up for a free live demo of 4castplus.