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What’s New in 4castplus – June 26, 2016
In addition to numerous enhancements and updates of current modules, we’ve added key new features including:

  1. Project Manager’s Dashboard
  2. Notifications Manager
  3. Many Reporting Enhancements
  4. New methods for permissioning Expenses to users

That’s just a few of the new features – please keep reading to discover more and learn how to find these new & enhanced capabilities. As always, we’re eager to hear your feedback so feel free to contact us to discuss any of these updates.

Area: Project Management

New! Project Manager’s Dashboard.

This new, highly-awaited feature, is designed to give project managers visibility into the status of what is happening with their projects, what needs to be done – and a means to get it done.  This first iteration of this new customizable Dashboard allows you to view and check on the Approval status of your My Timesheets and Jobsite Timesheets for any date range, using a variety of filters.  Run the Approvals Bottleneck Report to get a one-stop report on everything that needs to be done and by who.  Use the Express Approval feature in the Dashboard to select all Timesheets requiring your approval.  View the Billing Status of all your projects and stay on top of your project cashflow.

The video below provides a brief introduction to the Project Manager’s Dashboard.  Click on Fullscreen.

Drop us a line and let us know what you think.

New! Notifications Manager.

After many requests from customers, we’re proud to launch our Notifications Manager. This first Phase of this feature provides users with the ability to select which Events they would like to enable for email Notification such as “My Timesheet Due for Submission”, “Jobsite Timesheet Approval Due”, “Offline Timesheet Check-in”, “Customer Invoice Ready for Approval” and “Project Status Changed, just to name a few. In addition to selecting which specific Events to enable, you can also define:

  • When (Frequencies from Real-Time to tied to Period Close),
  • What (modifiable Email Template) and
  • Who (Submitter, Approver, Roles, Profile and specific User) should receive Notification of Event.

The Notification Manager comes with a Notification Log for visibility into who was notified of what Event and when; along with an ability to trigger a “Notify Now” for those scheduled Events for which you want to initiate an immediate notification on. Future releases of the Notification Manager will include more and more alerts across all components – let us know what’s tops on your list. Notifications Manager Configuration can be found in Configuration > Organization > Company Profile > Notifications and in Approvals > Administration > Notifications for all reporting. Click on the screenshots to the right.

Catalog of notification events
Notification Manager - notification log

Enhancement: Expense Assignment options.

You can now manage Expense Assignments in one of two ways:  current method of assigning specific Expenses to Resources in a Project (only those Expenses for that Project will appear to the Resource in their Expense Timesheet).

Or, the new method: by assigning all Expenses to Resources in all Projects (all Expenses will appear to the Resource for selection in any Project in their Expense Timesheet).   Find this new assignment method in Configuration > Manage Resources > Labor Profile > Expenses.

Area: Reporting

New Data Fields.

  1. Submitted On has now been added as a data field in the BI and Projects > Details screens as well as in the Custom Datasets for BI and Projects > Details.
  2. New Header and Detail fields for have been added to the Custom Reports > WBS Revenue datasets:
    • Actual Revenue to Date
    • Invoiced To Date
    • Discounts & Surcharges

LEM Designer Multi-Day option.

For those projects where a Multi-Day LEM Report is required and/or desired, you can now identify your Template as Multi-Day, which will then provide you with additional configuration options in the Template.  When you run your LEM Report in the Jobsite Timesheet (Online and Offline), you’ll be presented with a date range to select for your Multi-Day report.  Look for this new setting in the Projects > LEM Designer.

Enhancement!  Invoice Summary Report.

One of our favorite Billing reports has been enhanced to allow you to select a Date Range, rather than an As Of report.  In addition, after selecting your Date Range, your billing months will now be presented in the Excel report, giving you a look at Total Billable, Total Billed and Total Remaining broken down by month – find out where your remaining billings are quickly and easily.  Get a look at the enhanced report in BI > Finance/HR Reports > Invoice Summary Report.

More Enhancements

Offline Daily Jobsite Timesheet

The offline Daily Jobsite Timesheet now supports Documents

Procurement: Add PO Items directly to a PO.

The Purchase Order feature has been enhanced to allow you to Add Items directly to the PO, rather than create a Requisition, Add Items and then Add to a PO.

Configuration and Permissions Updates

Jobsite Timesheet

All Online Jobsite Timesheet permissions have been broken down by specific area of the Jobsite i.e. LEM, Expenses, Progress to allow you to suppress areas of the Jobsite not required for a specific user.

Document Management

All profiles now have access to the Document Repository.

Usability Enhancements

–          Labor Resource Profile > Resource Class has been converted to a Checkbox list.
–          Project Dashboard ‘View’ is now sticky.

If you want to learn more about this software upgrade and more – and we hope you do – please feel free to email us at info@4castplus.com. Or, if you’ve landed on this page and you’re not already a customer, here’s where you can sign up for a free live demo of 4castplus.