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What’s New in 4castplus – October 24, 2016

This upgrade of 4castplus contains a number of brand new features, along with a long list of feature enhancements. Here’s a quick list of the top new features delivered in this release:

  1. Revise Baseline
  2. CPI Forecast
  3. Program level P6 Import/Sync with enhancements to greater flexibility in Cost Code import, including parsing of P6 Activity Code into 4CP CBS
  4. Option to use Live Data or Pre-Calculated Data for Project Details Report
  5. Vendor LEM Import in Jobsite Timesheet with updates to LEM Designer re: reporting of Vendor LEM transactions
  6. Budgeted Vendor Expenses
  7. Project Funding tracking and reporting
  8. Export Documents expanded for the export of Committed PO’s and PO Receipts

Keep scrolling down to discover more on these new & enhanced capabilities. As always, we’re eager to hear your feedback so feel free to contact us to discuss any of these updates.

Project Management

Revise Baseline – or Re-Baseline

You can now revise your project’s baseline budget. It’s common for projects to begin before the whole project is completely defined.  In these cases, users will want to create and baseline the portion of the project that they need to get going on. Then, after some time, they’ll have more definition to the project, so they’ll add that part to the WBS and want to revise the budget to reflect the new information in the baseline.  It represents further refinement and definition of the original baseline scope.  This is the first type of revision: a Scope Revision.

Revise Baseline

CPI Forecast

Reports in 4castplus that use EVM as the basis for calculating the remaining costs to complete, previously only offered one basis of measurement: the progress measurement to-date. This is effectively using past performance to predict the future. While this is an important metric for project analysis and forecasting, users often need an alternative way to view these projections.  By exposing a “CPI Forecast”, the project manager can insert his own subjective view of what future performance will look like.  Click Here to read more on CPI Forecasting.

CPI Forecast

Project Funding Plan

Certain projects – especially larger ones – are managed and performed by a contractor, but funded by the client who is considered the “Owner”. These projects are not funded all at once; the funding trickles in in gradual increments. So, even if you have a $100m project, only $20m may actually be funded right now. With this new feature, users now have visibility into how much of the project’s “Funding” is currently “Released”.

Option to use Live Data or Pre-Calculated Data for Project Details Report

To enable users to query very large datasets, the Project Details Report now provides the option to either query “Live” or “Pre-Calculated” data. The advantage of Live data is that it can give you up-to-the-second transactions. However, you will be limited as to how many transactions can be queried on Live data. If you’re looking to select a longer date range that will return many thousands of records, you’ll need to de-select the “Use Real-Time Data” option. This will reach into the precalculated database. This database is calculated nightly.

Program-Level P6 Sync

Users can now synchronize large P6 projects at a 4castplus Program level. This allows you to subdivide a P6 project into multiple 4castplus projects.

Export Documents

Export Documents have been expanded for the export of Committed Purchase Orders and PO Receipts


Budgeted Vendor Expenses

For many users, creating a purchase order to plan and track vendor costs is not a fit for their business processes. For them, a preferred solution would be to use Estimating as their planning tool (rather than a PO) for identifying vendor costs by detail resource, and then simply track those exact items that they’ve estimated from the Jobsite. With this feature, you can now do the following:

  1. The ability to associate a Vendor with a detail resource estimate item
  2. A new vendor tracking module on the Jobsite Timesheet, called “Budgeted Vendor Expenses” that allows the user to track those estimated items

Vendor LEM Tracking

Field personnel can now import Vendor LEM documents to track specific subcontractor or supplier resources.

More Jobsite Enhancements

  • Ability to ‘default’ a LEM Designer template
  • Ability to edit a Jobsite Timesheet Approval post-close
  • Update of Jobsite Timesheet to include Weather Tracking and configurable options for Daily Log
  • Update of Jobsite Timesheet to route ‘Budgeted Vendor Expenses’ to the Jobsite Timesheet
  • Update of Jobsite Timesheet LEM selection area to column chooser
  • Improved tabbing in Progress screen
  • Added Preferred Name to Labor Profile

Further Enhancements


  • Ability to import project transactions across multiple projects


  • Updated Estimate Imports re: Import by Resource Class
  • Ability to associate a Vendor to a detail estimate resource

Labor Profile

  • Addition of Union related labor data fields
  • Updated ‘unique’ control in Labor Profile such that combination of First Name, Last Name and Employee ID are now a ‘unique’ labor resource
  • Updates to Labor Import File to include Preferred Name and Employee ID and at allow for overwrite of existing labor resource data

Document Management

  • Provide additional fields and search criteria to Document Workflow > Search & Manage
  • Updated Document Workflow to allow re-assignment at any point in workflow


  • Updated Undo Baseline control to allow Undo regardless of procurement activity
  • Added ability to create user-defined fields for Procurement > PO Item Details, fields will be reflected in Import template and procurement detail reports
  • Sticky view added to PO Item Details
  • Added ability to Unissue an RFQ for further modification and re-issuance

If you want to learn more about this software upgrade and more – and we hope you do – please feel free to email us at info@4castplus.com. Or, if you’ve landed on this page and you’re not already a customer, here’s where you can sign up for a free live demo of 4castplus.