4castplus 3i – January 12th, 2014

Major Enhancements to Procurement and Contract Management

4castplus 3i is bold new step in procurement, expediting and contract management for Construction and engineering companies around the globe. We worked with many clients and industry experts to build the most critical features and efficiency tweaks for buyers, expeditors and project controls professionals worldwide.

Expansion of Expediting Module. We’ve completely re-written our procurement expediting module to add significant enhancements in capability and productivity. The addition of the new “System Targets” feature provides Expeditors with an extensive selection of milestone dates and events to choose from in managing project Expediting.   The interactive Expediting Worksheet enables users to  generate an intelligent Expediting Summary Report, with a variety of filters to allow you to view and report your Expediting data, your way.  Additional features include:

  • Bulk updates and fill-down capability
  • Auto updates from Receiving
  • Vendor Log Journal
  • New expediting report
  • Sticky memory of unique user settings

New: Purchase Order Revisions. Users can now Revise committed purchase orders to add, remove and change detail items and properties on the contract. Historical changes are tracked and identified on contracts to ensure auditability and crystal-clear updates for vendors. Users can continue to print and report on any historical revision.

Major Efficiency Improvements. We’ve spent a great deal of time figuring out ways to make 4castplus even more efficient. In addition to bulk updating, auto-fill, configurable attachments and improved excel integration, users can now copy/paste Purchase Orders, Requests For Quote and Purchase Requisitions with the new duplicate feature.

Multi-Currency support. Contracts can now be managed in a different currency than the base currency of the project or the company. Exchange rates can be set by the user at purchase order creation and also during vendor invoicing.  Project costs are converted to the base currency on the fly.

New: Configurable Contract attachments. 4castplus has greatly increased the flexibility of purchase order and RFQ contract content. Users can now select from a list of contract attachments such as: Terms and Conditions, Shipping Instructions, Technical specifications, QA/QC and much more. There are 14 optional attachments in all! Additionally, each attachment can be pre-configured for quick access from a dropdown list. This simplifies the work of the buyer when creating purchase orders or requests for quote.

Major upgrades in import capability. The capacity for importing data into 4castplus has been vastly enhanced. Migrating data into 4castplus has never been easier. Users can import most anything they can imagine including: Purchase Orders, Requests for Quote, Purchase Requisitions (BOQ, BOM, MR), Work Breakdown Structure, Estimates, Vendors, Equipment resources, Materials resources, Labor resources, Customers, and on and on.

Our Custom Report Building System is now more powerful than ever. Users can choose from a variety interactive reports to manipulate the content and format of the report before exporting it for printing.

New: Editable Purchase Order Item Detail Properties.  Buyers and engineers can now set unique property values for each detail resource item on a contract. Users may have materials, for example, on the same purchase order that have unique Shipping information, expediting instructions, inspection requirements, key milestone dates, etc. 4castplus lets buyers set default values and then override the specifics on any line item material, equipment or contractor service.

New: Synchronizations between PO Receiving and Expediting. As procured items are received, certain key expediting fields are automatically updated to save expeditors valuable time. A new “Receiving Report” also provides additional insight into receiving metrics, locations, status, UOS&D, and more.

New: Vendor Log Journal in RFQ and Expediting. Buyers and Expeditors can now capture all the interactions with vendors in the new 4castplus Vendor Communication Log. This provides easy journal entry along with structured reporting to consolidate all vendor communications. Paste emails, journal phone conversations, enter notes and assumptions, etc. It all gets recorded for clear reporting and historical tracking and vendor ratings.

New: Create Purchase Orders on Behalf of the Customer.  Users now have the option of selecting the issuing company for a Purchase Order or RFQ. This enables EPCM and consultant organizations to prepare contracts on behalf of clients.

New: Optional View-Only Permissions for Non-Procurement Staff. Users can now setup view-only users in 4castplus that can have access to the procurement area. These permissions are auto-configured to restrict their ability to make any modifications. They can look at things, run certain reports, and navigate around, but can’t create, modify, or delete anything. Perfect for non-procurement staff to look but don’t touch!

Many more Usability Enhancements, New Reports, Tweaks and Bug Fixes have also gone into this release that are designed to make procurement on construction projects easy and rich with powerful features.


To learn more about this software upgrade and more, please feel free to email us at sales@4castplus.com or sign up for a free live demo of 4castplus.