Put an End to Redundant, Duplicate Work with One-Touch Data

The End of Rekeying Data

There’s a lot of information required for project managers to successfully oversee a major construction project.  Accurate, complete and real-time data is absolutely critical for the project management and project controls teams to apply the appropriate rigor for ensuring projects are executed according to plan.  Not just the data of course, they also need the tools for processing and analyzing that data.

One touch data for construction projects

Clearly, projects are very complicated, and data can originate from multiple sources.  Such as from the jobsite, subcontractors, timesheets, materials, expenses, etc.  Despite all that data originating from so many locations, it all still has to be brought together into one central place so that it can be analyzed and reported as a single consolidated entity.  Surprisingly few organizations, however, have a centralized platform for capturing and processing all that data – and as a result, they spend a great deal of effort in rekeying the data from spreadsheets into other systems.  Other systems such as payroll, accounting, and even other spreadsheets.

Perhaps it doesn’t need to be said, but re-entering data from one system to another is not just inefficient, it’s also prone to errors, omissions, and can result in delays and bottlenecks.

A Unified Project Platform

To address this, 4castplus has been designed to provide all the tools to both capture and analyze all project data in one centralized platform.  This eliminates the need for rekeying data so that organizations can achieve a One-Touch-Data solution. One-touch means that data goes in once, and can be used for multiple purposes, by multiple people and multiple workflows. Project managers in the office, for example, will get real-time feeds of jobsite costs and activities entered by staff in the field on a daily basis.  They’ll also get real-time updates on a project’s committed costs as procurement staff issue purchase orders for materials or subcontracted work. On top of all that, finance and project controls will have real-time visibility into costs, revenues, hours and profitability – and use that to enter cash-flow forecasts for projects and programs.

Examples of all the interconnected functionality include:

With all that functionality in one place, this can clearly be a valuable one-stop solution for both contractors and owners to consolidate their project management systems in one central platform. Teams across the organization can access all current and historical project data from that platform with the knowledge and trust that the information is current, accurate and complete.

Enterprise Integrated Solutions

Even though 4castplus is a very comprehensive solution, many organizations will nevertheless already have some of these tools already implemented and successfully being used by their operational teams. In those cases, teams will likely want to cherry-pick only the modules they need out of 4castplus and integrate data from their existing systems as part of their project planning & execution processes.  For example, a company may already have an established estimating software they’re happy with. In that case, they could easily continue to use that estimating tool and simply import the estimates into 4castplus to form the baseline project budget.  Multiple other system integrations are supported as well – including with finance, procurement and timesheets as examples.  This can also result in one-touch data across the enterprise – even though there are multiple systems being used, the integration platform(s) will take care of the synchronization of key data at scheduled intervals.

Lower Costs and Increase Productivity

By letting the system absorb all that effort in managing and moving data across the enterprise, organizations can eliminate the manual, duplicate effort that increases costs, introduces errors and cripples productivity. In addition, the system also provides built-in tools for data analysis and reporting & dashboards that ensure the project controls teams are empowered to make informed decisions and take corrective action.

Transform Your Approach With 4castplus

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