Construction Project Management Software for Contractors

Margins are tight, expectations are high. With 4castplus construction project management software, contractors streamline business, improve profitability and gain a clear competitive edge. 4castplus has the full package to ensure contractors are enabled with dedicated technology aimed at significantly improving bottom line

General Contractors

General contractors can take advantage of the 4castplus purchase order management and RFQ system to manage vendor contracts and track project progress. 4castplus also manages estimating & bidding, change order management and LEM tracking all in the same solution. With its built-in materials and equipment databases, general contractors use 4castplus as a materials inventory and warehousing system. All equipment and materials are fit with location parameters, vendor information, and expediting/timing capabilities. With the combination of procurement along with materials consumption tracking, 4castplus can deliver instant reporting on where, when and how much.
See a full list of contractor features below.

Heavy, Civil and Commercial Contractors

Construction companies bear a tremendous amount of risk. Having the right technology to keep track of the end-to-end complexities of project budgets, equipment, materials and activities is vital for successful, profitable projects. 4castplus can import your take-off estimates, and merge your budget with schedule for a full time-cost view of all your projects. 4castplus has full built-in resource databases to manage your equipment, materials and labor resources in the same system – along with all your vendors, purchase order contracts and RFQ. 4castplus can additionally manage change orders, time & billing and even integrate with your accounting system.

“Our business is too complicated to run on spreadsheets and an accounting system. As a construction company, information is critical to us. We need details on a daily basis on our field crews, our vendors, our equipment and materials. And we need to be able to bring all that together into one system where we can run a variety of reports. It’s very important for us to know if we’re on plan, all the time. 4castplus is the solution that give us that information and confidence.”
Demetrio Arosemena, CEO, Construction Management Group Ltd.

Services Companies

Services contractors that are heavily labor focused are dependent on technology to ensure full visibility into their manpower loading and workforce management. 4castplus provides full labor tracking for services companies to get control and visibility into their labor force. Key performance indicators like utilization, billable utilization and realized billable over any date range are available in a click. The 4castplus integrated billing system is a perfect compliment to keep all the data in one place. Invoices generated in 4castplus can be synchronized with accounting systems for seamless, one-touch data simplicity.

Features list for contractors

  • Powerful Project Estimating with Time-Phased Costing, Take-off imports and Unit Price Estimating
  • Bidding and Quote Management
  • Change Order Management with Approvals and tie-in with procurement
  • Full Project Cost Controls with Real-time Reporting
  • Real-time Project Tracking and Reporting for LEM
  • Real-time Unit-Progress Tracking & Reporting
  • Integrated Customer Invoicing for seamless and streamlined billing
  • Tightly Integrated closed-loop Procurement System with full visibility into vendor commitments, full RFQ management
  • Complete Purchase Order Management including Commitment Tracking & reporting
  • Integration with Financial Accounting system / ERP
  • Share Key Documents and collaborate with Clients and Vendors – Project Team-Room portal
  • Extremely powerful Cash-Flow Reporting. Including: WIP, Backlog, Cost, Revenue, Resource detail and many more
  • Synchronize schedule with MS-Project.
  • Cost and Billing Rates Management for all LEM Resources
  • Total Contingency Management and continuous updates on contingency balances
  • Document Control. Upload and attach any documents, forms, diagrams, etc.
  • Vendor management and reporting including vendor productivity and rating
  • Project Team Room portal for document sharing and collaboration
  • Create “Programs” as a portfolio of projects and achieve powerful program-level reporting
  • Full Earned Value Management and forecasting with integrated Rules of Credit
  • Business Intelligence Reporting for aggregate reports on project and cash flow status, resources, vendors, Work In Progress, and much more