4castplus 3i – February 23rd, 2014

Enhancements in Timesheets, Procurement, Resource Management and Project Controls Areas

This release of 4castplus 3i provides enhanced workflows in labor resource management, new capabilities in procurement, along with numerous usability tweaks and bug fixes. Read on to learn more.

Labor Resource Management

  1. New Labor Resource assignments to workpackages.  You can now enable much more granular resource assignments by refining which labor are to be assigned to what tasks. You can continue to assign labor to the project, and then determine who is assigned to what workpackage. This will trim down which tasks are available to users when they’re entering timesheets.
  2. New Weekly Labor Assignments Timeline Report. There is a great new report in Business Intelligence that will show all weekly assignments for each labor resource. Convenient resource loading chart and effort chart show how things are going to play out over the timespan you provide.Project Controls – Cost Codes and Cost Breakdown Structure
  1. Determine cost code structure by project. You can now refine how the cost code hierarchy and element structure is built for each project. This is especially useful for companies that perform procurement on behalf of clients (like for EPCM organizations). You can now define the cost codes by project.
  2. Have a look at this blog on labor resource management to weigh in with your thoughts.

Timesheet Tracking

  1. Timesheet comments are now easier to access. We’ve done away with a “Comments” button and just made it easier to click in a box to enter comments
  2. Timesheet task information is now more visible. We’ve also put the task/workpackage summary information front and center so that users can see the whole story when entering time, equipment, materials, etc.

Procurement – Request for Quote

  1. Pre-configure evaluation criteria. You can now define your own evaluation criteria for how vendor bids are evaluated. This provides flexibility for your unique methods for how each vendor bid is analyzed against the others.
  2. Add new user-defined “Date-Time Completed” for Vendor Log entries. When recording communications with vendors, you can now enter the date-time completed.

Procurement – Purchase Order Management

  1. Reverse a Purchase Order Revision. You can undo/cancel a purchase order revision.
  2. Set tax type defaults on purchase orders. You will now see tax types defaults by purchase order
  3. More “Sticky” settings in purchase order, RFQ and purchase requisitions. We’ve added more stickiness in the properties you set when creating purchase orders and requests for quote. This means that whatever you did on the last RFQ, for example, will be auto-set on the next RFQ. This just makes it faster and easier to create new contracts.

Procurement – Expediting

  1. Expediting Timeline Reports and Charts. The new Expediting Timeline is a key way for expeditors to organize critical-path and priority activities. It takes all expediting dates and lists them conveniently in date order. This takes the mystery out of “What do I need to do next?”
  2. New Trackable Dates for expediting. We’ve added a custom date type for expeditors. A “trackable” date will actually create three dates – Scheduled, Forecasted and Actual. If you don’t select the date as trackable, it will only create one date column.
  3. New workflow logic with “Databooks Submitted”.  The “Databooks Submitted” field now has more meaningful purpose representing the closure of that procurement item.
    • When Databooks Submitted in the Expediting Details Header is updated to Y and saved, user will receive alert ‘You have indicated that Databooks have been Submitted. This Purchase Order will now be closed out from further Expediting. They can undo this by again updating the value to “N” – indicating that expediting should continue
    • Databooks Submitted field can be updated to N/A. In that case, the Purchase Order will remain open for Expediting Activity indefinitely.
  4. New ability to select vendor contact in Expediting Vendor Log Entry.
  5. Expediting Log Report updates to reflect log entries in chronological order
  6. Update to Expediting Summary Report to relabel ‘Buyer Comment’ and to display most current log entry in Comment field

Procurement – Purchase Order Receiving

  1. Provide improved logic in Purchase Order receiving Vendor selection
    • For all Vendors, Active and Inactive, all Purchase Orders associated with vendor have been closed re: update of the Databooks Submitted Y/N? field being updated to Y will be verified.
    • If a Vendor, Active or Inactive, has a Purchase Order that has not been updated to ‘Y’, display that vendor in the drop-down in PO Receiving. Otherwise, if a Vendor, Active or Inactive, has Purchase Orders that are indicated as ‘N’ or ‘N/A’

Licensing and Permissions

  1. New Permissions and improved organization of the system permissions tree
  2. New Concurrent Licensing model for optional 4castplus floating licenses


Many more Usability Enhancements, New Reports, Tweaks and Bug Fixes have also gone into this release that are designed to make managing construction projects easy and rich with powerful features.  Here’s a video on how to use purchase requisitions in 4castplus.


To learn more about this software upgrade and more, please feel free to email us at sales@4castplus.com or sign up for a free live demo of 4castplus.