4castplus 3i – March 29th, 2014

Enhancements in Timesheets, RFQ, and Expediting Areas

This release of 4castplus 3i provides numerous enhancements in Procurement Expediting, RFQ, Reporting and Timesheets – along with numerous usability tweaks and bug fixes. Read on to learn more.

Enhancements to RFQ

  1. New RFQ Bid Evaluations. We’ve added a new component to enable buyers to perform detailed analysis of vendor bids. Evaluation criteria can be pre-configured and scored for each bid. An overall ranking is determined by weight and score. Reports enable the evaluator to compare side-by-side the criteria and pricing.
  2. Allow Purchase Order item cost to be $0 when RFQ awarded
  3. Update to RFQ and PO forms so that items don’t split onto two pages

Timesheet Enhancements

  1. Introduction of the new Progress Chart. Timesheet users are now presented with a chart which shows the estimated and actual hours to date on the selected task on the timesheet window. They can now also see the task deliverable and completed to date.

Improved Browser Support

  1. Resolution of known issues with Internet Explorer (IE11), Google Chrome and Safari

Enhancements to Procurement Expediting

  1. Update Expediting Import capability to allow for multiple file import
  2. Provide some logic re: Databooks Submitted Y removing PO’s from main grid display
  3. Provide ‘view’ check-box for Databooks Submitted Y/N and Date Range
  4. Provide date logic in PO Expediting Details for Last and Next Contact Dates
  5. Provide capability to delete a date field in PO Expediting Details
  6. Provide an Expediting Vendor Log Summary Report by Purchase Order
  7. Update to Expediting Report (Excel) – repeat of headers, enhanced formatting
  8. Make Date/Time Completed a required field in Expediting Log
  9. Enhancements to Expediting Log Entry re: Delete and screen remaining open after Save
  10. Improved Logic between Ship Date, Estimated Travel Time & Estimated Arrival Dates in Expediting

Enhancements to Purchase Order Management

  1. New capability to open “Unit Price” and “Quantity” as part of a PO Revision. Any changes to price or quantity are audited for reporting.
  2. Updated workflow to transfer PO item “Required At Site” date from PO to Expediting
  3. Updated RFQ/PO Forms so that PO Item doesn’t split onto two pages

Enhancements to Purchase Order Receiving

  1. Provided a new PO # column in PO Receiving Grid
  2. Updates to PO Receiving workflow so that Qty Received To Date better recognizes date order

Enhancements to Procurement Reporting

  1. Update to the Procurement Dashboard chart to include ‘Adjustments’
  2. Added ‘Expedite Y/N’ to PO Items Detail Report
  3. Added column chooser to Receiving Report

Many more Usability Enhancements, New Reports, Tweaks and Bug Fixes have also gone into this release that are designed to make managing construction projects easy and rich with powerful features.

Here’s a video on how to create and issue purchase orders in 4castplus.


To learn more about this software upgrade and more, please feel free to email us at sales@4castplus.com or sign up for a free live demo of 4castplus.