4castplus 3i – May 11th, 2015

This release is highly focused on 3 new major features for 4castplus:

  1. New: Daily Jobsite LEM Capture
  2. New: Phase 1 of 4castplus Document Management
  3. New: Phase 1 of Multi-Level Approvals Workflows

These are all described in more detail below. These are all optional features that you can take advantage of if it has value for your organization. We’ll be happy to discuss them at greater length, so please contact us if you’re interested to learn more.


Multi-Level Approval Workflows

Over the past while, we’ve been busy building the infrastructure to enable you to define and utilize multi-level approval workflows for numerous areas of the system.  Included approval workflows are: Labor Timesheets, Jobsite LEM Captures, Purchase Orders, Change Orders, PO Vendor Invoices and Customer Invoices. For this release, we’ve enabled multi-level approvals on the following:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Jobsite LEM Captures

To enable multi-level approvals for these, you’ll find a new area in configuration called “Workflows” under Manage Codes & Fields.

For form-based workflows – such as purchase orders and change orders – you’ll be able to utilize Delegation of Authority (DOA) routing logic based on a signing threshold of user roles. In any workflow, you’ll be able to define a Direct Approval routing logic as well as a chain-of-command routing logic.

Multi-level approvals for purchase orders

New Approvals Area

Due to the increased number of approval types and complexity around approval workflows, we’ve introduced a new Area called “Approvals”. It’s from here that all approvals will be conducted going forward. For this release, Labor Timesheet approvals are still located in the timesheets area, but as of next release (June, 2015), we’ll be moving those approvals to this new area.

Multi-level approvals area


Phase 1 of Document Management in 4castplus

In this release we’ve introduced the first phase of document management which enables a much greater degree of flexibility and control around your documents.

  • You can now organized documents into a Category and Class organizational hierarchy
  • You can define an unlimited amount of Metadata for documents
  • You will now have full control over the organization of document storage
  • There is now an audit trail of who and when a document was accessed
  • Documents added in any 4castplus “Drop Zone” are automatically stored in the correct location in the document repository
  • You’ll be able to perform custom searches for documents both at the project level, as well as in Business Intelligence

Any documents you had stored with any project have been auto-migrated to the “General” class and category of the documents library.

Configure document management rules

Document Management area in Configuration


Document management software in projects

Editing document properties from the project


Daily Jobsite LEM Capture

The new 4castplus Daily JobSight LEM tracking system provides a robust and compact suite of tracking and reporting tools designed for field entry of Labor, Equipment, Materials and much more. JobSight LEM can be found in the Timesheets area once you’re setup to utilize the tool. Please contact us if you’d like to have this enabled for your account.

The JobSight LEM is a single interface designed for ease-of-use for field personnel. It includes tracking for the following:

  1. Labor
  2. Labor Expenses
  3. Equipment
  4. Materials
  5. Third-Party charges – from vendor expenses that are estimates or invoices
  6. Units of Progress
  7. Daily Log for free-form entry of any category required (i.e. Safety, Site Conditions, Progress, Weather, etc.)
  8. Documents

Once the quantities and other entries have been completed, the Site Foreman can run a pre-formatted Daily LEM report which can be printed, then signed by the client onsite. Once signed, the report can be scanned and uploaded into the Documents area of JobSight and that document will be routed to billing for invoicing backup.  All of the transactions from the day will also be routed for approval and invoicing.

Daily Jobsite LEM tracking

JobSight LEM main screen


Jobsite LEM tracking third party charges

JobSight LEM – tracking third party charges

Well, there’s a lot More of Course
As with any release, we’ve added a number of usability enhancements and Bug Fixes as requested by clients and discovered by us. We’re committed to providing vital enterprise tools to make the management of engineering and construction projects easy and rich with powerful features.

To learn more about this software upgrade and more, please feel free to email us at info@4castplus.com or sign up for a free live demo of 4castplus.