4castplus 3i – September 8th, 2014

There are a number of additional reports, enhancements and new features in this release such as the addition of Client Cost Codes to augment internal cost codes. We’ve also made significant improvements to the RFQ vendor portal to make the bidding process even smoother and more efficient. There’s lots here, so have a look below.  And be sure to click on the screenshots to get a better understanding of where and how to find these features.

AREA: Project Management

New: Support for Client Cost Codes

With the new “Client Cost Codes” feature, you can now specify both internal and external (client) cost code structures in your projects. Many 4castplus users have complex internal cost code requirements to define their various disciplines, materials, construction workpackages, equipment, etc. Within the same project, they also have to report their progress and billings to clients on a customer-driven cost-code structure. 4castplus now provides support for this scenario.

Construction project management software

Define internal and client cost codes on workpackage

Construction time and billing software

New: PDF Output for Cashflow and EVM Metrics Reports

We’ve added PDF printable versions of the Time-Phased Project Cashflow report and the EVM Metrics Report.

Project Time-Phased Cashflow Report

AREA: Project Resource Management

Enhancements to Post-Baseline Resource Allocation Adjustments

This is an enhancement to the resource re-allocations feature that allows users to make zero-sum resourcing changes after the project has been baselined. With this modification, you now can include resources that were added as part of a change order.

Project resource management

Additional Banked Time Reporting for Timesheet Users

Individuals can now click to see a report on their current banked time balance, amount taken, amount paid and expiry of banked time hours. This same report is also available in the Business Intelligence area of 4castplus.

Click on the screenshots to the right to get some insight into the various areas affected by this new feature.

Timesheet users can pull a report to see banked time balances

HR Reporting in Business Intelligence

AREA: Project Procurement Management

Upgrades to the RFQ Vendor Portal

For those of you not familiar with the Project Team Portal – It is a key tool that provides critical collaboration between you and your vendors, allowing your vendors to receive bid packages, provide real-time proposal responses, download and upload documents, upload pricing, and finalize bid submissions. This takes care of much of the document and collaborative management that can cause productivity risk during the bidding process. In this release, many enhancements to the portal have been completed.

Enhancements to RFQ Document Management

You can now attach documents any time during the bidding process up to contract Award. If you attach new documents or update document versions after initial issue of the request for quote; you can simply select the affected vendors and re-issue the RFQ. The updates will be immediately available in the RFQ vendor portal.

Other Enhancements in Procurement Area

  1. Update to the Procurement Requisition -> Add Service Item to pick up Resource Class from Cost Code
  2. Update to Expediting Report so that Rev #’s appear in ascending order
  3. Bug fix re: Purchase Requisition Unallocated PO Item showing ‘0’ in the Rev # column
  4. Bug fix re: copying of Invoicing Instructions on new Purchase Orders
  5. Bug fix re: InRevising Purchase Orders not being displayed in the RFQ Main Screen

AREA: Timesheets and Finance Integration

Timesheet Administration

ENHANCEMENT! Update of capability re: Unsubmission of time in Timesheet Administration. You can now select specific projects and days to un-submit, rather than rather than having to un-submit the entire timesheet.

Quickbooks AppLink

ENHANCEMENT! Expansion of AppLink to include additional mapping fields for Customer Name and Customer Code, Project Name and Project Code

Updated Timesheet Video

We’ve released an update to the My-Timesheet video for new and existing users. You can check it out here or find it in Learning Resources area.


There’s More of Course
As with any release, we continue to add Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes as requested by clients and discovered by us. We’re committed to providing vital enterprise tools to make the management of engineering and construction projects easy and rich with powerful features.

To learn more about this software upgrade and more, please feel free to email us at info@4castplus.com or sign up for a free live demo of 4castplus.