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R1 Release. Q1, 2021

This is a preview of the R1, 2021 Release of 4castplus.

This upgrade of 4castplus contains important new features and enhanced capabilities driven by client feedback and core infrastructure improvements.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a planned list of features. Not all of these have been completed or fully confirmed. This webpage will be updated regularly over the duration of the R1 release schedule, so we suggest you check back here periodically. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us to learn more.

Planned New Features Summary

Here is a summary of the upgrades, improvements and new features coming in R2. Scroll down for further details on this and more further below.


  • New “Paperless Jobsite” options for e-Signatures, signature tracking, document routing, and transmittals
  • New “Optimized-for-Tablet” Jobsite crew entry
  • New ability to “Package” the Jobsite into multiple sub-jobsite packages for flexibility in reporting and data management


  • Improved support for Fixed-Price contracts
  • Improved Cash Flow management and Payment Scheduling
  • Enhanced PO-Receiving to tie-in with payment schedule and invoice matching
  • Improved Tax and Freight Management
  • New e-Signatures for Purchase Orders


  • Greater flexibility in custom reports – including filtering, and better ability to report on cost & revenue and margin
  • New ability to merge PDF documents
  • Improved Program-Level reporting to enable users to, for example, create an S-Curve report for a program of projects
  • Improved labor reporting: a wide selection of new reports enabling you to pivot labor data in numerous ways
  • Improved Production Quantity (progress) reporting and charts

Labor Resource Management

  • New “Pay Classes” which enables you to separate labor classes into 3 separate class types: Cost Class, Billing Class, and Pay Class – i.e. how the person is paid.
  • New Labor-Burden Builder to enable you to build up labor cost rates from bare cost plus burdens and report on each
  • New User Defined Fields on all resource records, including Labor record – used for tagging resources with customized attributes

Billing and Revenue Management

  • Major improvements to Revenue Management, including fixed-price and milestone billing; along with revenue cash flow, and revenue forecasts
  • Major enhancements to invoice management interface
  • New ability to create billing milestones or ‘events’ including Pay Items, Holdbacks, Advance payments, etc.

Financial and IT Compliance

  • SOC-1 Audit and Financial Controls, with SOC-2 IT controls. 4castplus is undergoing an external audit of financial and governance controls, resulting in a SOC-1 compliant report.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)

Project Controls

  • Major improvements to Forecasting, including better reporting alignment to a progress measurement
  • New Change Order “Statuses”

System Integrations

  • New Accounting Codes. This enables you to configure cost codes specific to your finance system, that are separate from cost codes
  • Major extensions to the 4castplus Integration API

Expense Tracking

  • Significant improvements to labor expense tracking
  • Third-party expenses import

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The 4castplus R2, 2020 product roadmap information contained in this webpage is an estimate of deliverables and timeline based on the strategic and practical goals of the 4castplus product team.  Our anticipated new features, enhancements and corresponding release dates are based on a realistic projection of time and resources required to achieve the goals; however we reserve the right to modify these at any time.

The link to this page has been sent in private confidence to you, and subject to a mutual Non Disclosure Agreement. Please do not share or forward this link to anyone outside your organization.

1) Jobsite

1.1 e-Signatures, with Digital Document Routing and Monitoring

In this upgrade, we’ve added the ability to create a Transmittal for sending and tracking Jobsite documents and signatures. Users will now be able to send field reports and other documents electronically either through email or via DocuSign.

By using this tool, you’ll be able to view the status of all documents in a dashboard report. Including metrics such as:

  • When the recipient(s) opened the email
  • When and if the document was signed
  • When and if the document was rejected or expired
  • The elapsed time from send to signature

The screenshot to your right (click the image to expand) is of the new ability to create email transmittals from the Jobsite. This module enables users to package up one or more documents to be sent either as direct emails, or routed through DocuSign. In either case, the recipients are sent the documents for approval. The benefit to the user is that there is full tracking, reminders and reporting on the status of these emails. Users no longer need to chase the whereabouts and status of these signed documents.

1.2 Tablet-Optimized Crew Field Capture

You will now be able to split your field teams into distributed crews for simplified and streamlined hours and production capture.

As part of this release, there will be a new module designed for crews to capture their daily time of labor & equipment, production, documents, etc. This module will be optimized for tablet entry (iPad, Android or Microsoft).

1.3 Jobsite Packages

For greater flexibility in how field data is reported, we’ve added a new “Packages” feature to enable users to create multiple sub-jobsite packages for reporting, submitting for approval, and routing for e-signature.

1.3.1 Adding Post-Submit Jobsite Entries

As part of this Packages feature, users will now be able to continue to add jobsite data – such as hours, expenses, receipts, progress, etc. – after the jobsite has been submitted and locked. Any new post-submit data can be submitted and reported as a separate package with a unique timesheet number.

2) Billing and Revenue

2.1 Enhanced Fixed-Price Billing

2.1.1 New ability to create “Pay Items” for billing

We’re adding new support for creating Pay Items that align with your customer contract terms. Pay Items can be milestone-based or progress-based. You’ll be able to enter the terms of completion, estimated manhours required, due-date, payment terms, etc.

2.2 Revenue Cash Flow Management

Whether you’re billing is based on Fixed Price, Unit Price or T&M, you’ll now be able to setup your payment plan for your billings based on amount, date, terms, etc.  You’ll also be able to setup any:

  • Holdbacks
  • Advance Payments
  • Penalties/Incentives

Once this is all configured, you’ll be able to run a comprehensive cash-flow report and chart.

2.3 Improved Customer Invoice Interface

We’re improving the interface and usability of the customer billing module.

2.4 Revenue Forecasting

You’ll now be able to produce revenue-based forecast reports and charts to predict the ongoing revenue potential as a project plays out.

3) Procurement and Subcontracting

3.1 Improved Support for Fixed Price Subcontracts

In this release we’re building explicit support for a “Subcontract” purchase order type to better support Fixed-Price contracts. With this, you’ll be able to define the payment terms suitable for services work such as:

  • Progress Claim
  • Milestone
  • Recurring Instalment

3.2 Improved Cash Flow Management and Payment Scheduling

Significant improvements to cash flow planning and defining a “Payment Schedule” are being implemented to better reflect how contracts are defined and paid. For example:

  • The payment schedule is now defined at the line-item level rather than at the PO-level
  • The Payment Schedule can be used to setup multiple payment types: Receiving Plan, Progress, Milestone, Recurring Instalment
  • Users can setup multiple Payment Events for each line item – and bulk-set payment events and types to streamline the payment schedule setup
  • Advance payments and retainage are also now available at the line-item level as part of the Payment Schedule

3.3 Enhanced PO-Receiving to tie-in with payment schedule and invoice matching

To tie-in the advancements in payment scheduling, the Receiving module will have the intelligence to know the payment terms for each PO and line-item.

3.3.1 Auto-Receiving

You’ll also be able to setup purchase order items to be Auto-Received to simplify the receiving process. For example:

  • Setup a “Recurring Instalment” payment type to auto-generate a receipt and accrual at the payment date set
  • Setup a Rental Contract (future) to auto-receive based on the rental agreement terms

3.3.2 Import Vendor Progress

We’re now providing an import for your vendors to complete that provides a simple method for inputting:

  • Amount spent to date
  • Manhours to date
  • Progress
  • Quantity to date (if applicable)
  • Amounts remaining (for a forecast)

3.4 Improved Tax and Freight Management

Better management of purchase order taxes – including the ability to define tax at the line item level – is being implemented in this release. This also includes the ability to define specific “Freight” charges for each line item.

3.5 Purchase Order Manhours Reporting

You’ll now be able to define “Manhours” as a key metric on each PO line item. PO Receiving will provide the ability to enter the manhours burned on each line item.

3.6 Warehouse and Inventory Reporting

As part of a new initiative towards significant improvements in the ability of 4castplus to provide insight into inventory and warehouse management, this release will deliver improved metrics on the whereabouts of materials, how much was consumed and what’s remaining.

3.7 Purchase Order Forecasting

We’re providing explicit methods to forecast your remaining amount and quantities on purchase order line items. Some of this will be automatic depending on the payment schedule, and also by the vendor import.

3.8 Improved Field Receiving

The Field Receiving module is also getting an update to provide more tools and reporting.

3.9 Import Field Requisitions

We are now providing a Field Requisition template for your field personnel to submit requests for material purchases. This template can be easily imported into the 4castplus Purchase Requisition module for fast processing into a purchase order.

4) Labor Resource Management

4.1 New “Pay Classes” for Labor

More client feedback has shown that many organizations require a separate labor “Class” for how people get paid. Currently, 4castplus has both a cost and billing resource class to define the hierarchical categories of labor. We’re now introducing a new pay class.  This will enable you to more effectively separate cost, billing and payroll definitions of labor resources.

4.2 User Defined Fields on Resources

You can now create user-defined fields (UDF) to tag resources with any reportable attribute you may require. If you require to report on labor resources that have unique characteristics that you are required to report on (ethnicity, sex, legal status, etc.), you can now create and report on these.

4.3 Labor Burden Builder

This is a very popular ask and is now being implemented into 4castplus. The Labor Burden Builder will allow you to build-up your labor cost rates using the Bare Cost plus any number of burdens that you may include as part of their rate. Burdens can be anything from workers compensation, union fees, tools, etc.  You’ll be able to report on each burden uniquely.

5) Reporting

5.1 Progress Quantity Reporting

There will be two new dashboard reports, and one drilldown report,  that detail the progress (or ‘production’) quantities completed over a date range.

  1. A tabular dashboard report showing all progress entries over a time period
  2. A chart dashboard report showing the curve of progress over time
  3. The “Quantity to Date” values will now be links to drilldown reports

5.2 Improved Program-Level Reporting

We’re adding more reports at the Program level that summarize the combined values of all the projects in the program. For example:

  • Consolidated S-Curve Report

5.3 Greater Flexibility in Custom Report Templates

The custom report designer will now have more options for filtering, along with a broader selection of fields to enable reporting on both cost and revenue, as well as margin in the same report.

4.1 Improved Resource Reporting on Labor and Materials Data

After a great deal of feedback, we’re adding new ways to drilldown into labor data to enable greater insights into the details. Also, we’re adding more ways to pivot that data to view the data in multiple ways.  Much of the current reporting is based on the WBS hierarchy, so now we’re adding more options for just looking at labor data outside the WBS or CBS coding.

  • Update of “Summary by Resource Type” report to include ALL resources
  • New “Materials Resource Summary” report to enable users to drilldown into all materials used on a project to see budgeted versus actual to a detail level
  • New drilldown report on all resources in one report. This will enable tremendous flexibility into all resources on any date range, or as-of date.

5.5 New Ability to Merge PDF Documents

We’ve received many requests to enable users to select 2 or more PDF documents and merge them into one continuous document. This is now being implemented in R2.

5.6 New “Audit Log” Report

We’re designing a new report that allows administrators to see all transactions and events that have occurred in the system. This will be the first release of this comprehensive report. The intent is to give visibility into who did what and when in the system.

6) Financial and IT Compliance

6.1 SOC-1 Compliance

4castplus is undergoing a rigorous audit of all our processes and financial controls to meet the SOC-1 standards. This includes Security and IT-related controls for data and system security.

6.2 Single Sign On (SSO)

4castplus will be implementing SSO to provide your IT and administrators the tools for centrally managing users and system access.

7) Project Controls, Forecasting and Change Orders

7.1 Progress Measurements and Forecasts

  • Significant performance improvements in progressing and forecasts
  • Better reporting control around all reports aligning to a progress measurement or to an as-of date

7.2 Change Order Statuses

New ability to create, manage and report on the incremental statuses of a change order.  Prior to going through an approval workflow, a change order can go through a number of stages (or, ‘statuses’) as it gets further refined. 4castplus will provide greater ability and visibility into these statuses.

8) Expense Tracking and Reporting

8.1 New Labor Expense Report

Based on user feedback, we have a much improved labor expense report as part of R2.

8.2 Third-Party Expense Import

You’ll now be able to import 3rd party expenses from an Excel file.

If you want to learn more about this software upgrade – and we hope you do – please feel free to email us at

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