Integrating Procurement with Project Controls is Critical for Effective Cost Management
This whitepaper tackles the importance of integrating project procurement and subcontracting with the project team. All planning, tracking, real-time costs, accruals, vendor performance, etc., are critical for project controls to ensure projects are delivered successfully.
What's the Difference between RFP, RFQ and Invitation to Tender
In contract management, there are a variety of ways the tendering phase can work. Key to planning purchases and subcontracts is setting out the terms of reference and evaluation criteria for awarding the contract to the winning bidder. In tendering bids, there are 3 primary methods of competitive bid solicitation. Read this paper to learn more.
How to Reduce the Bloated Costs of Information Management
Have you ever considered how much of your operational overhead cost is consumed by managing project information? Excessive costs & errors eat into profits, delay schedules – and are completely avoidable.
Top 9 Signs You Need Construction Cost Tracking Software
If you're like most companies that run construction projects, you know that getting accurate and real-time cost and hours from the jobsite can present many challenges. This paper presents 9 key signs that isolate the common issues that can be resolved by adopting construction cost tracking software.

Forecasting Cost to Complete on Major Construction Projects
This paper goes into what needs to be in place to collect the data and establish the process and formulas to generate accurate, repeatable, and reliable forecasts to complete. It will also delineate between the EVM formula for ETC as compared to FTC and their unique purposes.
Managing and Forecasting Contractor Cashflow
Project controls for a construction contractor goes beyond controlling only cost - equally important is the control of revenue, margin, resources and cash-flow. For a contractor, successful delivery of a project is directly related to the profit they achieve. Since cost and revenue flow uniquely, project controls must factor in the net effect of both.