4castplus in Action: Multiple Divisions Under One Roof

A few months ago, the team at SECURE Energy Services approached us at 4castplus with a situational challenge that they needed to have resolved. The problem they were experiencing, was that the multiple business divisions using 4castplus as their core operational solution, were deployed into separate 4castplus accounts. While each division was happy with the software and its value to their business unit, this approach introduced some corporate-level challenges.

4castplus in Action: Multiple Divisions Under One Roof

These corporate-level challenges included:


  • They had no means to easily rollup reporting across divisions
  • It was difficult to move labor and equipment resources back-and-forth between divisions
  • To complicate things further, two of the divisions were deployed into the same account; which initially worked fine, but eventually introduced a challenge in isolating the intermixed data for division-specific reporting
  • They wanted to roll-out additional divisions onto 4castplus

Resolution Focused: Solving the Problem

To resolve this, and provide Secure with an ideal solution going forward, a number of resolutions were proposed and contemplated amongst the teams at both Secure and 4castplus. They knew what they wanted to accomplish from a business perspective; and we had the technical expertise to achieve their objectives in the most streamlined and cost-effective way. There was a timeline snag however, that put both teams under the gun to get the solution designed, implemented and completed in just 8-weeks.


After a healthy and productive discussion, the agreed-to design was to strengthen the “Division” concept in 4castplus so that multiple divisions or business units could coexist in the same 4castplus account as completely separate entities.  This solution enabled Secure’s divisions to appear as though they are decoupled accounts, while enabling administrator-level privileges that could configure multi-divisional reporting and resource assignments across divisions at a corporate or executive level.

A Solution Delivered on Time and on Budget

The 8-week timeline certainly caused the 4castplus development staff to work diligently to deliver on time with a well-tested and robust solution. The good news is that it was delivered on time, and the switch over from the previous divisional configuration (including data migration) went smoothly and quickly.


“I have to admit, we had our doubts initially as to whether the 4castplus team could deliver on time,” said Dave Curran, Manager, Applications and Reporting at SECURE Energy, “This was not a small change and required a wholesale migration of business units into a new account infrastructure. But they really did it. The crew at 4castplus delivered the required system enhancements, worked diligently with my team to transform the existing data to match the new model AND delivered it all on schedule and on budget!  We had a smooth cutover and were very impressed.”

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