A Centralized System Means Team Collaboration

Construction projects rely on strong communication across the entire team to ensure everyone is working from the same information and there are no misunderstandings getting in the way of quality and productivity. Miscommunications among the project team can lead to costly and potentially disastrous results, not to mention a frustrated and angry client.

collaboration in construction

No matter how talented and experienced your project teams are – and how solid your plan is – a lack of teamwork and collaboration will inevitably lead to failure. Sound a bit dramatic? It’s not at all – the power of strong communication shouldn’t be underestimated.


The communication challenge many contractors face is rooted in the fact that they’re still using an excessive number of spreadsheets (with an overload of tabs in each) as a makeshift ‘system’ to manage their projects. This by itself leads to a breakdown in communication as a spreadsheet is not a collaborative tool. There are no shared workflows or underlying intelligence or logic to ensure data integrity, financial controls, or multi-user contribution of information. And further, data is not delivered in real-time, nor is it likely to be accurate or even complete. This leads to breakdowns at many levels.


Everyone on the team needs real-time, accurate information that’s available as in a centralized place. The team needs to share the same data, the same workflows and work on the project in a unified view. All project stakeholders – from office staff to field staff, along with executives – need to access one place that consolidates all project (and program) data, functions and workflows so that the team can work as a team in a collaborative environment. This dramatically reduces risk, errors and delays; and elevates visibility into potential project issues long before they become actual project issues. The team can apply the appropriate levels of governance and control on the project while not having to worry that the rest of the team may not be on the same page. Everyone is in the know all the time. This is what a centralized project management system gives you. Project certainty.

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