Construction Estimating Software

Save time and improve accuracy by building up your detail estimates using the built-in resource libraries and rates databases in 4castplus. Leverage historical benchmark reports to gain insight into historical pricing on any item, expense or vendor charge.  With the power and flexibility of 4castplus estimating, you’ll gain confidence and dramatically increase your estimating productivity.

Estimating Flexibility

Create detail or non-detail estimates in an easy-to-use estimating interface. 4castplus has built-in ability to manage your labor, equipment, materials and services libraries – complete with cost and billing rates – to populate estimate details.

  • Optionally pull in take-off imports to feed the 4castplus engine and continue building from there
  • Simplified Bid Management to quickly produce estimates, proposals and quotes
  • Fixed Price, Time & Materials, Unit Price and Cost-Plus projects – along with the ability to mix multiple billing types in the same projects
  • Flexible and granular markup and pricing models
  • Multiple benchmark reports for average historical costs for any date range
  • You can build Time Phased Cost Models to get a full visualization of anticipated cash expenditures
  • Built-in billing rate table management with hierarchical assignments of rate tables

Time Phased Budgeting

You can create Time Phased Budgets at the resource and/or task level of your project so that you can plan your costs accrued over time. Build cost models and cash flow visualizations that ensure you can anticipate expenditures and plan finances. Time-phased modeling also provides tremendous cost control power in knowing more than just how much – but empowering you with what and when.

Benchmark Reporting

Several benchmark reports are available in a single click to examine historical rates paid for materials, equipment and labor. Set a date range to know averages paid for any time period.

Project Budgeting

4castplus is much more than just an estimating system. It has integrated project management, project controls, procurement and forecasting in single collaborative platform. Once you’re ready to begin your project, you can baseline your estimate to create your starting project budget. After baseline, you can then create and estimate change orders as the project plays out.

4castplus also provides resource planning tools to enable you to plan out the cash flow and hours & materials consumption of any task or resource. This gives you an accurate expenditure & manpower loading charts to guide your estimating; both by cash flow and resource availability.

Take-Off Imports

Import estimate data from your Take-Off software, then build your full budget from there – and the costs & revenues are automatically tallied up and allocated directly the appropriate cost codes for full project management and reporting.

Resource Libraries

4castplus has built-in Materials, Equipment, Labor and Vendor databases to consolidate all the resources utilized on current, past and future projects. Materials management, equipment fleet management, procurement, estimating and benchmark reporting are all brought together into the same place for structure and control. Read more…

Quote / Bid Preparation

4castplus also provides built-in tools to generate a pre-formatted Quote based on your estimate. When using 4castplus Estimating, you can streamline the effort of bidding on jobs. You can generate a high-level quote, or breakdown the quote into the detail of resources, services, materials, equipment, etc. as required.