Document Management for Construction and Engineering

4castplus delivers integrated document controls to manage and control a full document repository for all your projects.  With full version and revisioning capability, and multi-stage approvals workflows, you can  trust that your critical documents are managed securely in a centralized repository.

Configurable Document Repository

You can configure a multi-level hierarchical document repository to organize documents into specific classifications for easy retrieval and navigation.  Documents are used throughout 4castplus to augment key modules like procurement, project controls and construction cost tracking to ensure users can get the full bandwidth of critical information wherever they are in the system.

Upload Documents From Anywhere

Users can drag & drop documents from almost anywhere in the application to attach them to key locations on the project. For example:

  • Purchase Orders

  • Change Orders

  • Workpackages

  • Invoices

  • Timesheets

  • Requests for Quote (RFQ)

  • Expenses

  • Jobsite

  • Equipment

4castplus provides convenient Drop Zones for users to easily upload documents to associate them with these specific modules.  Users can configure which drop zones are available for users to upload documents. For example, you can specify one or more document categories to be available for users to attach different types of documents to activities (tasks). Each project also has its own document repository area for users to browse, upload and manage documents.

Document Revisioning and Approvals

4castplus document controls provides full Document Revisioning workflows to control the incremental revisions a document may go through in its lifecycle. Document controllers can design a unique revision numbering system for any document to meet their needs or the needs of the client. Revisions can be tied to Engineering drawing statuses such as: IFR, IFA, IFC, etc.

Revisions and Versions

4castplus also keeps track of all document versions as it gets modified during the revision cycles. The document Revision is the official published version of a document, and is numbered accordingly. Document versions, on the other hand, are the iterative saved modifications of the document.  You can go back to any historical version or revision of a document.

Multi-Stage Approval Workflows

Users can configure multi-stage approval workflows that can include contributors, reviewers and approvers at any stage in the workflow.

Check-out, Check-in

As a true collaborative project controls solution, users can check-out documents prior to edit, then check them back in in a transparent and controlled system.

Easy Search and Retrieval of Documents

4castplus provides a powerful search and retrieval module where users can select from multiple search criteria to zone-in on the documents they’re looking for. In the document results window, document controllers can further manage the details of each document, including metadata, revisions, naming and coding.  Users can save their searches for future use.

Find Out More

We’d love to talk to you more about how 4castplus can make your job as a document controls or project controls specialist easier and more fun. Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your goals & objectives.