One-Touch Data Across the Enterprise

4castplus plays well with others. It has been explicitly designed to easily integrate and share data with other enterprise software solutions. No matter whether you’re using spreadsheets or a variety of different systems – the 4castplus integration platform can deliver a consolidated view of all your project information.

Accounting and Payroll Integration

At 4castplus, we understand the need to ensure project information and accounting are in perfect harmony with each other. Move away from manual entry of data and into a highly connected world where all your systems are in complete synchronization.
All the planning and real-time data collected in 4castplus is immediately available for synchronization with your financial accounting system. This includes: accounts payable, accounts receivable, procurement, master data, payroll and timesheet data. All can be digitally synchronized on any time schedule desired.

The 4castplus Integration Platform comes equipped with a robust application interface (API) that enables the exchange of critical information on a common technology platform. Our integration capability enables 4castplus to exchange project information with ERP and Payroll systems such as:

4castplus System Integration


  • SAP

  • Netsuite

  • MS Dynamics 365

  • Sage

  • Quickbooks

  • Viewpoint


  • ADP

  • Ultipro

  • Ceridian

Schedule Integration – P6 or MS Project

Primavera P6
The 4castplus LiveLink with P6 allows you to synchronize your P6 projects over and over again with 4castplus. This ensures that your cost management data remains in-step with the schedule, and vice versa. You can use the desktop P6 or the enterprise EPPM version to integrate the systems together. You can even customize the sync to exclude schedule-only activities & milestones that you don’t want to appear in 4castplus. You can also align the cost codes from P6 through the Activity ID or other fields to populate the CBS in 4castplus.

Microsoft Project
The 4castplus LiveLink with MS Project enables users to make time and cost changes on the fly; then synchronize budget, schedule and actuals in a single click. A fully cost-loaded schedule is then available in both 4castplus and MS Project. This bi-directional sync enables a one-touch view between systems.

Integration Solutions

Integrating 4castplus with accounting is a fundamental requirement to ensure your project information is flowing smoothly, accurately and timely.  Our three main approaches for integrations are: iPaaS, Direct Application and Manual.

iPaaS Integration Solutions

Integration softwareFor reliable, scalable and cost-effective integrations, 4castplus has partnered with the Celigo integration service platform. Celigo provides an easy-to-use interface to map the integration APIs from 2 or more enterprise applications.


Direct Application Integration

The robust 4castplus integration API enables service providers to build a customized integration between 4castplus and your finance system. By building an application to directly share project data, your project information will act as a corporate asset across your enterprise.

Manual Integration

4castplus provides financially controlled import and export modules to enable powerful data exchange using Excel or CSV files. This approach does include a manual step, however is a simple and cost-efficient method to exchange critical corporate data.  While a direct or iPaaS solution is preferred, the manual integration method can serve as a temporary solution until a more digital integration is designed and implemented.

Take-off Imports and Imports from Other Estimating Packages

Most construction projects will rely on specialized take-off or other estimating systems to determine total quantities and rates for materials, equipment and labor resources required for a project. 4castplus can import this data in a click and immediately make the estimate data available for budget, procurement, schedule, and tracking purposes. All the data imported is then available in the 4castplus resource databases for future reference and benchmarking.

Timesheet Imports and Exports

For customers that wish to continue to use existing timesheet or other cost-tracking systems can easily import that data into 4castplus. Many clients want to import historical time-cost data into 4castplus as part of a migration to using the 4castplus Time and cost tracking system. 4castplus can also export all timesheet data to be synchronized with other tracking systems, payroll and accounting.

Supply Chain Management Integration

4castplus can manage the full project procurement lifecycle. At any point in that lifecycle, data and can also tie-directly to a customer’s enterprise SCM solution. This can be a bi-directional integration that has numerous options as to which integration points are the best fit with the client processes. Including:

  • Purchase Requisitions (bill of materials, material requisitions)
  • Purchase Order Issuance
  • Expediting and Logistics
  • PO Receiving
  • PO Invoicing
  • Approvals
  • Reporting

We can Import Almost Anything!

At 4castplus, we recognize that you have valuable data contained in many places – and all that data needs to get consolidated into one place. This can include spreadsheets, accounting systems, timesheet systems, estimating software, supply chain management software, resource databases, and much more. We’ve built 4castplus to be able to import almost anything you can imagine. This not only helps you get up and running in 4castplus quickly, it also enables you to continue to use other tools outside 4castplus, and use 4castplus as a centralized dashboard for a holistic view of your project. The options are there for you to choose.