Expediting – Streamlined and Efficient

The 4castplus Expediting module streamlines and organizes your Expediting Processes. It takes on all the grunt work so that Expeditors can focus on efficiently scheduling the Delivery of Goods on major Construction Projects

Stay on top of your Vendors

In 4castplus, the expeditor is empowered with a wealth of information to know and plan exactly what, when, how, who and where; so they can monitor vendors closely to ensure transparency on their targets.

Milestone-Based Expediting for Long-Lead Items

Expeditors can pre-define a customized sequence of expediting Targets that represent key delivery milestones for your long-lead items. Targets such as: Document Status, Materials Ordered, Fabrication Started, Item Ship Date, Required at Site date, etc.

You can setup Scheduled, Forecasted and Actual for each date target defined in the system. This enables the expeditor to tackle any delays to manage the scheduled delivery date.

Expediting Software for Construction

Reporting and Scheduling

The output from expediting is critical for project scheduling. Schedulers need constant updates from Expediting to keep the project schedule and resourcing in sync with forecasted vendor delivery dates.

4castplus also provides configurable expediting reports that summarize the details of all expedited items and their targets.

The Timeline Tool

The 4castplus expediting “Timeline” module is a key planning tool for expeditors to monitor the critical-path targets. It answers the questions: “What’s coming up in the next few days, weeks and months?”

As most milestones are date-driven, the Timeline module organizes all dates from all expedited items into a searchable list, ordered by date. Expeditors are managing dozens if not hundreds of items – each with multiple milestones to stay on top of. The Timeline keeps this all in order so nothing gets missed.

Expediting Timeline

A Highly Configurable Solution

Expediting in 4castplus is fully configurable, so expeditors can define their own standard processes and methodology.
Select Expediting Targets

Vendor Communication Log

There’s also a built-in tool to capture emails, phone calls and other correspondence with all your vendors. This is key for documenting a historical record for transparency during the expediting process.

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