Streamlined Vendor Bid Management with the 4castplus RFQ Portal

Get free of using emails, shared drives and all the old manual processes that cause errors, headaches and a lot of wasted time.  Let the “System” deal with all that grunt work so you can focus on finding the best supplier for your project.

The Request for Quote Vendor Portal provides a powerful and secure communication and data exchange platform for buyers to manage the bidding process with vendors.

RFQ Vendor Portal for bid management

CENTRAL DOCUMENT REPOSITORY: The Vendor Portal takes care of all the documents and inquiries that go back and forth during the bidding process giving you a central hub to organize and manage the process from start to finish. Vendors can download your documents and upload their proposals, pricing sheets, etc.

SECURE: All the data and access is tightly secured so that the vendors only see the information and documents meant for them.

Here’s how it Works…

First: Attach Documents and Select Vendors

Once you’ve created your RFQ, you can attach any number and variety of documents that relate to the RFQ; such as technical specifications, drawings, etc.

Then you can choose the vendors you want to invite to bid on the work (or supply of goods) by using the 4castplus Vendor Selection Tool.

RFQ Issue to vendors

Second: Issue to your Selected Vendors

Once you have your desired vendor-list determined, you can simply click the “Issue” button to send a notification via email that invites those vendors to submit a proposal for the work or supply.

This notification will include a link that your vendors can simply click-on to login to the portal.

Click Issue to notify vendors

Third: your Vendors Login to the Portal and Download the RFQ Contract and other Documents

Your vendors can click on the link in the invitation email to access the Portal. They are given secure and isolated access to only the information that is meant for them.

They can then download the various documents you’ve attached to the RFQ to review the content and prepare their proposal. They can immediately inform you as to their intent to bid or not bid; or request further information directly from within the portal.

Personalize email to invite vendors to bid
Vendors can submit notes, requests, and exchange other information from the portal – which is all captured for your convenience.

Fourth: Your Vendors Submit their Proposal

Your vendors can upload all their proposal documents from the Portal and hit the “Submit” button to notify you that they’ve submitted their bid.

Fifth: You Monitor and Evaluate the Vendor Submissions

From within 4castplus, you – The Buyer – have complete access to all the Vendors’ submitted bids and related documents for your evaluation.  4castplus provides a complete Bid Evaluation Toolkit to streamline the bid analysis process.
Monitor and evaluate Vendor Submissions

Sixth: Award to the Chosen Vendor

In a single click, 4castplus enables you to select the chosen vendor and Award the RFQ – which will transfer the key information to a Purchase Order.
Award RFQ to selected vendor

To learn more about this or any other 4castplus feature, please feel free to Sign Up for a Free Live Demo.