One Touch Data

4castplus project cost management software delivers streamlined and integrated workflows that tie vital project elements blissfully together.  Move to a world where information is entered once and only once, then used many times by many people for many purposes – and then shared with other enterprise systems. True One-Touch Simplicity.

Smart Cost Management of Projects

Project Cost Management represents the practice of effectively planning and controlling the costs, resources and risks on projects. It is an aggregate of several sub-disciplines – all of which must work tightly together to share data and workflows in order to present a complete picture of the status of all project or program costs and progress. The goal is to enable full visibility and control of project costs, revenues, variances and progress measurements. It is near impossible to keep projects under control if key stakeholders don’t have up to date and accurate information, along with the tools to make calculated adjustments along the way. 4castplus provides the right tools, the reporting and the data to ensure projects are managed intelligently, collaboratively and as unified entities. Unified rather than disconnected in separate silos, systems and spreadsheets.

Integrated Modules

Depending on your business requirements, you can tap into one, several or all of the integrated modules available in 4castplus. You only pay for what you use.


Project cost management starts with the ability to accurately estimate and budget projects. 4castplus construction estimating software has a robust suite of tools to create fully detailed cost and revenue estimates, along with benchmark reports to validate numbers. Users can import from take-off or use the built-in materials, equipment, labor and vendor databases. Benchmark reports track historical consumption and rates of all resources for comparison and trending.  Read more on 4castplus project estimating.


4castplus procurement management software is powerful, easy-to-use and flexible. Simple workflows ensure purchasers can organize and streamline all the intricate engineering and construction procurement requirements for projects of all sizes. Contract management, expediting, RFQ, purchase requisitions, commitment tracking, invoicing, accruals reporting, vendor management and much more are all integral parts of 4castplus Procurement. Read more on 4castplus Procurement.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Project Forecasting is an integral part of good project cost management. It includes the practice of iterative progress measurements and determining key performance indicators on a project. KPIs such as: Costs to Complete, Variance, performance indicators, and how a project is performing to plan, are critical metrics to capture and trend on a regular basis to achieve a successful project outcome. It is through regular forecasting that Earned Value Management metrics are gathered. 4castplus forecasting is rich with features and reporting to enable full control and visibility into projects. Read more on 4castplus budgeting and forecasting.

Change Order Management

4castplus change management plays a vital role in controlling project risks & cost overruns. 4castplus change orders have deep connections to all other cost management disciplines within the system, so robust change reporting is available everywhere. 4castplus also enables users to track all costs to a specific change order. This delivers key information on costs & hours spent, and remaining, on any change order to control change order overruns. Read more on project change management.

Labor, Equipment and Materials (LEM) Tracking

4castplus comes complete with full labor, equipment, materials and expense tracking capability. Tracking actual costs, incurred costs, accruals and vendor invoices is all blended in seamlessly with the full cost management and procurement capabilities. Read more on Project LEM tracking.

Dashboards with Real-Time and Drill-Down Reporting

Strategic reports and dashboards are available throughout 4castplus. As a cloud solution, this provides continuous access to key information wherever decision makers are. Links to drill-down reports are embedded within reports to enable further investigation into more and more focused areas. All reports in 4castplus are interactive in that users can sort, filter and group information to quickly uncover answers. 4castplus enables all project team members to have real-time visibility into their projects.

Progress and Performance Capture

Knowing “Where things are at” on a project at any time requires there to be an accurate and organized way to determine what has been completed to date. If there were only one thing to do on a project, measuring progress would be easy. When there are thousands of things to do, measuring progress becomes a logistics challenge that necessitates a software solution like 4castplus to manage. Progress and performance are two of the primary components required for effective project controls. 4castplus brings this to life with multi-layered measurement tools that are powerful and easy-to-use. Read more about 4castplus Project Progress & Performance Measurement.

Intelligent Cost Codes

4castplus has built-in intelligence behind the many layers of project cost codes. It blends together the cost codes of the WBS, CBS, and project resources in elegant workflows that enable deep visibility and cost code reporting. Data can be aggregated to cost code(s) and synchronized with the accounting system to ensure synergy between project management and finance. Read more about the 4castplus Intelligent Cost Code System…

Document Management

Documents play a key role on any construction project. The powerful 4castplus document management solution is tightly integrated to deliver flexible document controls, customizable repository, a broad range of metadata, and seamless movement of documents from the jobsite to the office in real time. Read more on 4castplus collaborative Document Management and controls.

Total Unity

As a single, unified system, there are no modules or bolt-on components in 4castplus. 4castplus has been built from the ground-up to maximize the relationships that exist between the many moving parts of a project. Every piece of information that goes in or out of 4castplus is connected to everything else. This enables higher-order workflows where disciplines can feed-off each other and share critical information. With the powerful reporting available, Users get a full 360 degree view of their projects no matter where they are in the software.