Field Data Capture from the Jobsite to the Office in Real-Time

4castplus integrates your Jobsite and your office in a single solution. Field personnel enter all labor, equipment, materials, vendor expenses and production quantities into an easy-to-use interface that’s connected live with the office.

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Get Free from Paper and Spreadsheets and Re-Keying of Data

No more paper timecards or spreadsheets or multi-entry of information – all your project teams and data are digitally united into a single, powerful system.

Not getting accurate and timely costs & activities from the field or jobsite can significantly compromise the success of any construction project. With 4castplus, there’s no need to struggle with data errors, missed information, delays and a lack of project visibility.

There is simply a better way.

Engineers in the field

“I love the 4castplus LEM tracking system. It’s fast, easy to use and everything I need is in the same place. I want all my projects in 4castplus. ”

Integrated Construction Management, Project Controls, Procurement in a Collaborative Platform

Jobsite LEM tracking Solution for construction management

The 4castplus Jobsite LEM tracking system enables Daily or Multi-Day entry for all project activities and costs. With a fluid 3-clicks workflow and stress-free approvals, users can enter labor time, materials, equipment, third-party vendor expenses, documents and progress in minutes.

Your project managers and project controls staff back in the office all have the full suite of 4castplus project controls tools to efficiently manage, control and report on all your projects.

One-Touch Data

4castplus is completely web-based, in the cloud and available anywhere. All the data is centrally managed and cost information is continuously calculated. No need to manually re-enter your crew data to get a total cost & revenue picture. It’s all just there, all the time.

One touch data

Key Features

Designed For Field Personnel

The 4castplus interface has been specifically designed for ease-of-use for construction workers. In addition to a simple interface, all entry options are pre-configured by project managers in the office so that site personnel only need to enter quantities. All the rates, tasks, allowances, codes and much more are already organized so as to simplify data entry.

Track Vendor Expenses and Vendor Accruals

Third-party vendor expenses can also be captured directly in the field. Site users can scan & upload the associated invoices or receipts as project artifacts. Vendor expenses can either be recorded against a pre-existing purchase order, or as a non-PO expense. 4castplus provides powerful tools and reporting to deliver deep insight into vendor expenses, accruals and adjustments.

One-Click LEM Reporting

4castplus provides customizable LEM reports that are available in a single click. Reports that summarize all the time, expenses, daily log and progress captured. Field staff can print the LEM report – then have it signed, scanned and uploaded back into 4castplus as a project artifact.

One-Touch Data – Direct Accounting Integration

All entries into 4castplus job tracking modules can be synchronized with your accounting system and payroll. Reduce errors and save valuable time – there’s just no need to touch this information more than once.

Offline or Cloud Versions

For users working in areas with sketchy internet connections, 4castplus provides an Offline interface which can be synchronized with the server later when the user has access to internet.

Document Management

On any day at the Jobsite, there can be a vast array of documents that need to be coordinated and accounted for. As part of this 4castplus field data capture tool, field personnel can upload all their documents – which will be attached to the day`s entries to keep them organized and cataloged. All the field guy needs to do, is drag and drop the document into the right drop zone, and the document will be tagged with an abundance of metadata for appropriate routing and classification.

Track Progress

Site personnel can track physical progress made on any activities. This progress can be used for determining Percent Complete, and for Unit Price projects.

Project Management and Project Controls

The office team have a full suite of project controls and project management dashboards that are updated instantaneously delivering the full picture of your project’s health.

Routing Field Data for Approvals and Billing

Every billable entry into a 4castplus Tracking Module is available to the integrated 4castplus Invoicing system. No need to sync data or copy information from one place to the next; it’s all tightly tied together for a fully closed-loop application.

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