Labor Resource Management

4castplus provides comprehensive tools to manage the time, tasks and people on projects.

In one integrated solution you can: Manage your staff resource loading; Forecast potential discipline crunches, and Manage ongoing adjustments in task assignments.

For EPCM and Contractors needing to maximize the productivity of their staff, 4castplus is an indispensable tool.

Task Management

Project managers can organize their projects into a a full hierarchical Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of tasks. Your labor resources can be assigned to specific tasks in the WBS. Using 4castplus Estimating, each task is budgeted with the number of hours for each person or discipline required on the task. This is not only valuable for when you’re planning and bidding on projects, but is also key for the ongoing resource scheduling while the project is underway.

With the built-in scheduling properties of tasks, the hours budgeted are automatically spread-out over its duration. You can then tweak the weekly hours estimated for each resource as you go along. Your resources will see all their tasks from their timesheets, so you can be certain they’ll be logging their billable time to the correct place.

Work breakdown structure with cost codes

Resource Scheduling and Loading

When your labor resources are assigned to multiple tasks on multiple projects, how can you effectively schedule-out their time without the worry of overloading them? How can you be sure they’re being utilized to their maximum potential? How do you make scheduling adjustments from one week to the next when hours estimated don’t equal hours worked?

4castplus provides powerful features to manage the ongoing scheduling and budgeting of your workforce. Tools to quickly visualize where tasks are not going exactly to plan; and the means to adjust hours around to ensure optimum staff effectiveness. On top of that, 4castplus provides an audit-trail of adjustments and transfers when budget is moved between tasks. This is critical for transparency to clients.

Resource management and scheduling software

Discipline Forecasts

4castplus has built-in Time-Phased Discipline Forecasts for accurate indicators of manpower loading requirements. 4castplus automatically aggregates all projected hours by either discipline or specified resource so that organizations can accurately plan labor loads. Additionally, 4castplus provides for a Probability Factor on projects that are In-Bidding so that the probability percentage can be applied to the manpower loading calculations.

Manpower loading for discipline forecasts

Time Tracking & Billing

With its built-in Timesheet and Billing system, 4castplus makes it easy to track your employee time.  Packed with easy-to-use features, the 4castplus timesheets are simple but pack a tremendous amount of power. Click here to learn more about 4castplus Timesheet and Billing.

Timesheet and Billing Software

Reporting on Utilization Metrics

EPCM and Contractor organizations need to stay on top of their resource utilization metrics. 4castplus delivers key real-time reports on all your labor resources.

Resource management software

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