Maintenance Updates released as of August 8, 2022

A01627 – Defect fix re: Accrual hyperlink on Project Cost Dashboard gets stuck on loading

A01628 – Optimization of performance of Vendor Invoice Matching

A01629 – Update to Accruals field on Project Dashboard to include Vendor Invoice Matching Adjustment

A01630 – Added ‘Mark-up% (Third Party) to the Custom Report datasets

A01631 – Update to Fixed Price project model to enable the Revenue Estimate field for user update, in the Estimate & Change Estimate features

A01632 – Update to Custom Reports to only generate an email with confirmation of report processing when processing time takes longer than expected.

A01633 – Performance improvements generating Jobsite Report > PDF

A01634 – Defect fix re: unable to select Workpackage for Billing > Invoice Quantity Surcharges or Discounts

A01635 – Defect fix re: Jobsite Report is not displaying Billing Code for T&M Vendor Expenses & Other Charges

A01636 – Defect fix re: Surcharge and Discounts in Details transactions are not reflecting the Project Invoice # they are invoiced on

A01637 – Defect fix re: Vendor Invoice Tracking randomly producing Whoops error when Vendor Invoice saved

A01638 – Update to Earned Value S-curve report to provide Date Ranges

A01639 – Defect fix re: Adjustment Reversal on Labor hours excluded in Daily Max Quantity calculation

A01640 – Added ‘WBS Type’ field to Project Summary Report

A01641 – Defect fix re: Unsubmitting and modifying Timekeeper Timesheet in Timesheet Administration does not route to Timesheet data to Billing upon Submit

A01642 – Defect fix re: Matched & Confirmed amounts not populating in Vendor Invoice Tracking > Vendor Invoices grid

A01643 – Update to Unit Price > Change Estimate feature for:
– Provide Unit Price and Revenue Estimate at the workpackage level only
– Update Change Management Estimate Imports for import of Cost estimates only

A01644 – Update to Transactions Import to calculate Labor Accruals only when Vendor Invoice Matching > Weekly Timesheets enabled

A01645 – Improved alert received in Projects > CBS > Accounting Codes Import when duplicate WBS #’s are detected in the import file.

A01646 – Added fields to the Vendor Invoice Matching > Vendor Transactions Report: “Invoice (Pre-Tax) and Invoice (Pre-Tax) (PO CCY)

A01647 – Updated alert received when Vendor Invoice Matching > Vendor Items > Override Tax Type is Saved

A01648 – Updates to Unit Price billing model: Revenue Estimate field updated to an editable field; removed Resource Estimate > Unit Price

A01649 – Added field “Vendor” to Adjustments > Transactions grid

A01650 – Added new field, “Vendor Invoice Export ID” to Detail Reports

A01651 – Defect fix re: PO Commitment (Net) and Fully Committed Budget not being reported in Progressing screen

A01652 -Defect fix re: illegal characters in Custom Report Title causes report launch failure

A01653 – Defect fix re: Update of Expediting Fields on an Open PO not Saved

A01654 – Improvement of print time for Purchase Order form

A01655 – Optimization to improve loading time of Project Metrics – Cost

A01656 – Defect fix re: Administration > Request Log > User dropdown is displaying “Undefined” instead of the Actual User Name

A01657 – Defect fix re: Projects Reports > Actuals > Actual Costs by Resource Type: Excel Report not producing when date range updated

Known Defects resolved and included in the upcoming release as of August 8th, 2022

Known Defects as of August 8th, 2022

A01388 – Configuration > Manage Codes & Fields > Procurement > Bid Questions – Duplicated Bid Questions List linked to the original

A01396 – Fully Committed Budget Calculation does not include Purchase Order Receipts dated prior to Purchase Order Date

A01397 – Resource Forecast Time-Phasing Override? checkbox is not automatically selected when the Baseline Budget Time-Phasing is manually entered by Amount