Maintenance Updates released as of November 28th, 2023

A01627 – Defect fix re: Accrual hyperlink on Project Cost Dashboard gets stuck on loading

A01628 – Optimization of performance of Vendor Invoice Matching

A01629 – Update to Accruals field on Project Dashboard to include Vendor Invoice Matching Adjustment

A01630 – Added ‘Mark-up% (Third Party) to the Custom Report datasets

A01631 – Update to Fixed Price project model to enable the Revenue Estimate field for user update, in the Estimate & Change Estimate features

A01632 – Update to Custom Reports to only generate an email with confirmation of report processing when processing time takes longer than expected.

A01633 – Performance improvements generating Jobsite Report > PDF

A01634 – Defect fix re: unable to select Workpackage for Billing > Invoice Quantity Surcharges or Discounts

A01635 – Defect fix re: Jobsite Report is not displaying Billing Code for T&M Vendor Expenses & Other Charges

A01636 – Defect fix re: Surcharge and Discounts in Details transactions are not reflecting the Project Invoice # they are invoiced on

A01637 – Defect fix re: Vendor Invoice Tracking randomly producing Whoops error when Vendor Invoice saved

A01638 – Update to Earned Value S-curve report to provide Date Ranges

A01639 – Defect fix re: Adjustment Reversal on Labor hours excluded in Daily Max Quantity calculation

A01640 – Added ‘WBS Type’ field to Project Summary Report

A01641 – Defect fix re: Unsubmitting and modifying Timekeeper Timesheet in Timesheet Administration does not route to Timesheet data to Billing upon Submit

A01642 – Defect fix re: Matched & Confirmed amounts not populating in Vendor Invoice Tracking > Vendor Invoices grid

A01643 – Update to Unit Price > Change Estimate feature for:
– Provide Unit Price and Revenue Estimate at the workpackage level only
– Update Change Management Estimate Imports for import of Cost estimates only

A01644 – Update to Transactions Import to calculate Labor Accruals only when Vendor Invoice Matching > Weekly Timesheets enabled

A01645 – Improved alert received in Projects > CBS > Accounting Codes Import when duplicate WBS #’s are detected in the import file.

A01646 – Added fields to the Vendor Invoice Matching > Vendor Transactions Report: “Invoice (Pre-Tax) and Invoice (Pre-Tax) (PO CCY)

A01647 – Updated alert received when Vendor Invoice Matching > Vendor Items > Override Tax Type is Saved

A01648 – Updates to Unit Price billing model: Revenue Estimate field updated to an editable field; removed Resource Estimate > Unit Price

A01649 – Added field “Vendor” to Adjustments > Transactions grid

A01650 – Added new field, “Vendor Invoice Export ID” to Detail Reports

A01651 – Defect fix re: PO Commitment (Net) and Fully Committed Budget not being reported in Progressing screen

A01652 -Defect fix re: illegal characters in Custom Report Title causes report launch failure

A01653 – Defect fix re: Update of Expediting Fields on an Open PO not Saved

A01654 – Improvement of print time for Purchase Order form

A01655 – Optimization to improve loading time of Project Metrics – Cost

A01656 – Defect fix re: Administration > Request Log > User dropdown is displaying “Undefined” instead of the Actual User Name

A01657 – Defect fix re: Projects Reports > Actuals > Actual Costs by Resource Type: Excel Report not producing when date range updated

A01658 – Optimized Open Estimate data query to improve loading performance.

A01659 – Defect fix submitting Vendor Invoices is not routing the Invoice for Approval and Bypass Approval on Vendor Invoices not marking Invoices as Approved.

A01660 -Added following fields to the Custom Reports > Templated > Project > Fixed Price billing data set
1. Add “Billing Code” to Details
2. Add “Customer Code” to Header
3. Add “Custom Property – Customer Invoice” to Header
4. Add “Custom Property – Project” to Header

A01661 – Update to Vendor Invoice Matching data loading:
a. Data will be updated in the Accrual Transactions and Vendor Invoices grid only by clicking Update; data will no longer auto-load in any of the grids when Vendor Invoice Matching feature is opened

A01662 – Added following field(s) to Custom Templated > Billing Transaction Dataset (Project and Global): Customer Code (From Customer Profile)

A01663 – Added Accounting Code to Procurement > Payment Event > Holdback

A01664 – Defect fix re: Approved Change Order Revenue is not reported in Progress Measurement

A01665 – Defect re: Jobsite Report not displaying Unit Price Workpackages where the Unit Price was added from a Change Order

A01666 – Defect re: Pre-Tax Value, Vendor Invoice (Total) and Total Billable not populating in Approvals > Vendor Invoice screens

A01667 – Defect re: Vendor Invoice that has been Saved on a Vendor Invoice Export Document can be Unsubmitted

A01668 – Update to alert when two users are working in same feature, and second user has updated the open page for the first user

A01669 – Defect fix re: Change Order Details Total different than Total of the Change Order

A01670 – Defect fix re: Direct to Invoice entry not generating Billable Value based on PO Line Item Markup %

A01671 – Bug fix re: Labor Type data (Contractor, Hourly, Salary) not populating in Custom Templated > Global > All Project Details Report

A01672 – Defect fix re: Date and Timestamp included in Timesheet # field in Timesheet Administration

A01673 – Design update to allow for update of Cost Codes on Exported Transactions

A01674 – Unit Cost, Cost Amount and Incremental Cost Amount in the Purchase Order Item Details is displaying the Project Currency and not the Purchase Order Currency

A01675 – Defect fix re: unable to update Date Range on Projects > Custom Dashboard and Business Intelligence > Custom Dashboard reports

A01676 – Added ‘sticky’ feature to Business Intelligence > Finance/HR > Invoice Reports

A01677 – Defect fix re: labor resource with Cost View disabled is unable to generate Business Intelligence > Resource Reports > Labor Resources Time Report

A01678 – Defect fix re: Report Options, To Excel and Refresh are all frozen after selecting Date Range in the Jobsite Dashboard Reports – Project Detail Report

A01679 – Defect fix re: Purchase Order > Total Amount This Request” when in Revising is different after PO is Committed

A01680 – Defect fix re: Time & Materials Subcontract import failing to create billable values on negative amounts

A01681 – Defect fix re: Division filter incorrectly applied to Vendor Classes

A01682 – Update to Third Party Expense Import to improve identification of correct Resource Class for import file.

A01683 – Design update to Total Hours calculation on the Business Intelligence > Resource Reports > Labor Summary Report. Was previously reporting only timesheet transaction hours were Cost Rates were provided for the hours

A01684 – Defect fix re: Change Order Recalculate not applied correctly when Unit Price X Quantity does not agree to the Revenue Estimate entered by the user

A01685 – Defect fix re: Change Workpackage in the Jobsite is not displaying the WBS

A01686 – Defect fix re: Project Profile custom field with ‘drop-down’ property type does not appear in Custom Reports

A01687 – Defect fix re: error received in Estimate > Import > Add by Cost Code option

A01688 – Update to Labor Resources > Labor Type feature re: Is Contractor setting not being saved

A01689 – Update to Progress Measurement Calculate to include for Divide By Zero scenario

A01690 – Defect fix re: error received in Procurement > Payment Schedule

A01691 – Defect fix re: ‘Total Qty Up to Rev’ field is not updated when negative incremental qty is used to zero out the Qty

A01692 – Defect fix re: grid filter on Business Intelligence > Finance/HR > Invoice Summary Report > To Excel is causing Whoops

A01693 – Defect fix re: ‘Update’ button not loading transactions in Jobsite Dashboard > Reports > Project Detail Report

A01694 – Added ‘Vendor’ filter to the Procurement > Purchase Orders screen

A01695 – Defect fix re: Actual Hours column in Project Detail Report excluded from Excel report

A01696 – Defect fix re: Receipts on Purchase Order Commitments not calculating correct (divide by zero error)

A01697 – Defect fix re: documents with Upper Capital extension name is causing error when printing Purchase Order Package

A01698 – Time and Material Subcontract Receipts do not calculate taxes when the tax does not have the ‘Include in Project Cost?’ checkbox checked in configuration

A01699 – Defect fix re: Requisition Import failing on date field

A01700 – Optimization of loading time of Procurement > Purchase Order grid

A01701 – NEW: Added ‘Import’ feature

A01702 – Defect fix re: duplicate data created in Earned Value S-Curve time-phasing when Progress Measurement is Recalculated and Submitted before Recalculate completes

A01703 – Added ‘Purchase Order Custom Fields’ to the Custom Reports> Dashboard > Projects > Project Summary & Details and Global > Dashboard > All Project Details datasets

A01704 – Updated feature behavior and improved alert received in the Direct To Vendor Invoice feature when Line Item Commitment is Negative

A01706 – Defect fix re: Total Hours in Business Intelligence > Resource Reports > Labor Summary Report is reflecting double the actual total

A01708 – Updated Estimate > Resource Estimate > Add Resources, Change Estimate > Add Resources & Progressing > Resource Forecast screens to display Resource Category

A01709 – Defect fix re: Negative quantity is not reported in Jobsite Timesheet Report > Third Party section

A01710 – Defect fix re: Fixed Price Invoice not saving in Billing AR when project billing type has been updated from Time and Materials to Fixed Price.

A01712 – Defect fix re: Progressing Methods “Earned As Planned” and “Percent Schedule Complete” not calculating in Progress Measurement

A01713 – Defect fix re: Custom Report > Project > All Procurement Items > Vendor Detailed Item Detailed Description field not populating on some Purchase Orders

A01714 – Defect fix re: Business Intelligence > Resources > Labor Summary Report > Approved Hours column is not reporting Approved Hours from all Composite Rate Types

A01715 – Defect fix re: Markup % not populating on Adjusted Third Party Expense, in the Jobsite Timesheet Report

A01716 – Updated WBS Import to reposition the Forecast End Date to be adjacent to the Forecast Start Date

A01717 – Added Jobsite Package # into Billing AR > Billing Transactions screen

A01718 – Added Cost Codes into Jobsite > Packages > Timesheets, Expenses, Third party Expenses screens

A01719 – Defect fix re: Vendor Invoice Matching > Invoice Tracking ‘Exchange Rate’ field is non-editable on an “Open” invoice

A01720 – Added ‘Project Status’ field to the Business Intelligence > Weekly Assignments Report

A01721 – Updated Change Management Estimate on Committed Change Orders to enable access to the Time-Phased Report

A01722 – Added ‘FAC Revenue’ and ‘FTC Revenue’ fields to the Custom Reports > Templated > Project > ‘WBS – Revenue’ dataset

A01723 – Defect fix re: Surcharge and Discount transaction not deleted from timesheet transaction when timesheet transaction is deleted and Surcharge/Discount Incur Option is set to Timesheet

A01724 – Update to disallow deletion of system Overhead > Banked Time Taken and Banked Time Paid workpackages

A01725 – Updated Business Intelligence > Labor Summary Report to exclude Billable Adjustment quantities from the Total Hours calculation

A01726 – Added ‘Select All’ checkbox in Vendor Invoice Matching > Direct Billing screen

A01727 – Usability update to Disable the Commit and Save menu buttons in Billing AR, while the grid is still in the process of loading

A01728 – Defect fix re: Transactions Import of Quantity not pulling Rates from Cost and Billing Tables

A01729 – Defect fix re: Inactive Customer is available in New Project > Customer drop-down list

A01730 – Usability issue where PO Package Print of large document selection is not providing time-out alert

A01732 – Defect fix re; Billable Adjustments included in Actual Hours in Progressing screen

A01733 – Defect fix re: Revenue Estimate not calculating on Recalculate

A01734 – Update to PO Import Sample file format re: Whoops received when content of section exceeds maximum characters

A01735 – Defect fix re: error received in Labor Timesheets > Approvals preventing Save of Approved Timesheet

A01736 – Defect fix re: Whoops error when correcting Rate Type in Adjustments

Known Defects resolved and included in the upcoming release as of November 28th, 2023

A01396 – Fully Committed Budget Calculation does not include Purchase Order Receipts dated prior to Purchase Order Date

Known Defects as of November 28th, 2023

A01397 – Resource Forecast Time-Phasing Override? checkbox is not automatically selected when the Baseline Budget Time-Phasing is manually entered by Amount

A01705 – Defect in third-party software used to render the Purchase Order PDF. The defect occurs when certain documents have specific characters that cannot be accommodated by the third-party software. The resolution is to remove the document from the pdf.

A01707 – Defect re: Taxes are not calculating on Time & Materials > Subcontract Transactions

A01711 – After Copy and Paste of WBS Workpackage, CBS Sync required in order to ensure that Cost Codes are generated

A01676 – TimeKeeper Timesheet unable to be saved when invalid characters ( < > &) included in Comments

A01731 – Requisition Import > Sample does not reflect all data in selected Requisition

A01737 – Non-informative alert received when Jobsite > Receiving > T&M Transactions Import lacks Resource Name. Alert currently indicates internal error has been received.