Maintenance Updates released as of January 17, 2022

A01540 – Added Vendor Invoice Custom Property as a list field, in addition to a detail field, in API > Vendor Invoice dataset

A01541 – Update Approval Threshold value to absolute value

A01542 – Defect fix re: Jobsite entry remains available for billing (customer invoice) after unsubmitting

A01543 – Update Check for Overage to only look at the entry that has qty not all workpackages on Jobsite Progress tab

A01543 – Defect fix re: Grouping Drag and Drop not working in Labor Summary > Detail Report

A01544 – Defect fix re: Save on Jobsite Timesheet data failing when quantities entered for all Resource Types

A01545 – Defec fix re:provide stale page alert when user attempts to Submit same Timesheet week in two separate screens

A01546 – Provide alert when Rates Administration > Labor Rate Types > Composite Rate Type > Daily Max Quantity is updated after there are Labor Entries recorded using the Composite Rate Type

A01547 – Update to Timesheets calculate behavior to resolve data calculation collision issues. In some instances, when multiple calculations are required to be completed i.e. Discounts, Surcharges, Composite Rate Types, Codes, the calculation of one value may ‘collide’ with the calculation of another, impacting the complete calculation of one of the values.

A01548 – Update the Third Party Expense import to ignore Custom columns as per pre-release behavior.

A01549 – Add alert when Composite Rate Type Max Daily is changed after there are Labor Entries

A01550 – Update to disable display of Billable information in Jobsite > Progress screen

A01551 – Update to Overage alert in Jobsite > Progress screen to include only workpackages with Quantity entered for the Jobsite Date

A01552 – Updated Requisition Import alert alert when a Resource / Class / Tag number does not exist in the Resource Database

A01553 – Added alert to advise user when internet connection has been lost

A01554 – Defect Fix re: Cost Dashboard > Current Budget is not reflecting the Current budget

A01555 – Defect fix re: Whoops error received when opening Purchase Order Summary information, and no Vendor Contact assigned to Purchase Order

A01556 – Added control to ensure transactions are marked as approved and billable when Labor Approvals are not enabled.

A01557 – Update alert when user attempts to save a labor expense timesheet that has already been submitted

A01558 – Defect fix re: cannot commit a Change Order funded by Contingency

A01559 – Defect fix re: Quantities entered on a new Timekeeper timesheet are not saved when the Timesheet is only submitted.

A01560 – Defect fix re: Rejected timesheet cannot be submitted after updates.

A01561 – Update alert when the Requisition Notes have more than 500 characters.

A01562 – Defect Fix re: Calculate on a Project Progress Measurement is clearing the Resource Forecast on an open Progress Measurement of another Project, when the Resource Forecast FTC Quantity has not been updated

A01563 – Update Adjustment workflow to remove Direct to Invoice transactions.

A01564 – Defect fix re: Delegation of Authority approval workflow incorrectly validating Approval Threshold values when the Dollar Value routed for Approval is a Credit.

A01565 – Update Forecast To Complete (FTC) Cost calculation (Remaining Budget option) to be 0.00 when calculated value (Current Budget less Actuals) is less than 0.00

A01566 – Design update to Timesheets to prevent user from selecting a Timesheet week until current week has finished Saving and/or Submitting

A01567 – Defect fix re: Whoops error when generating Project Spend Forecast > Excel report, when ETC value is not available.

A01568 – Defect fix re: Whoops error when opening Jobsite Timesheet > Third Party Expenses tab, after Timesheet is Unsubmitted

A01569 – Defect fix re: Budget Revision Cost and Revenue not importing per Import file

A01570 – Update to Fully Committed Budget calculation in Progressing tab to accurately account for Receipts on Negative Purchase Orders

A01571 – Added following fields to the Business Intelligence > All Project Summary – Billable Report:
1. All Custom Project Properties set up in Configuration > Custom Properties > Project
2. Project Billing Type
3. Location
4. Project Spending Type

A01578 – Defect fix re: Project Surcharge Revenue not included in Actual Revenue in the Progressing screen

A01579 – Added to the Custom Reports > Projects > Templated > WBS-Cost dataset: Average Labor (Budget)’ and ‘Average Labor (Actual)

A01580 – Defect fix re: Purchase Order Ship Date is displayed on Purchase Order Form, when field has not been enabled for display in Form

A01581 – Added Schedule Variance Amount, Cost Variance Amount, Average Budgeted and Actual Labor Hour to reports

A01582 – Defect fix re: Tag Number in Procurement Item Details not Saved unless an additional field is updated and Saved

A01584 – Update to Vendor Invoice Matching feature to retain the Payment Terms selection when the Payment Due Date is overwritten.

Known Defects resolved as of January 17, 2022

A01572 – Defect re: Approver seeing Approvals pending with other users, in the following Approval workflows: Labor, Customer Invoice, Purchase Order, Change Order, Vendor Invoice.

A01573 – Defect re: Vendor Invoice # not displaying in Adjustments Report

A01574 – Usability improvement re: error alert received when Resource Forecast has a Rate Revision and the FTC Qty field is blank

A01575 – Defect re: inaccurate alert received when Submitting a Budget Revision with a Workpackage level only Estimate.

A01576 – Defect in Timesheets > Expenses with data entered to 2 decimal places displaying rounded to whole number

A01577 – Defect re: FAC (Hours) column not populating in Project > Reports > Project Productivity Report

A01585 – Vendor not included in the Jobsite Third Party Vendor drop-down list.

A01586 – Defect fix re: Contractor selection is blanked when Labor Profile is made Inactive and Termination Date is entered, from within the Labor Profile screen

A01587 – Added fields to the Custom Reports > Templated > Global > All Project Summary – Billable dataset:
– Project Properties

A01588 – Defect fix where Labor Base Cost Rate is removed from transaction, when Resource Class is disabled for the Labor resource.

Known Defects as of January 17, 2022

A01388 – Configuration > Manage Codes & Fields > Procurement > Bid Questions – Duplicated Bid Questions List linked to the original

A01396 – Fully Committed Budget Calculation does not include Purchase Order Receipts dated prior to Purchase Order Date

A01397 – Resource Forecast Time-Phasing Override? checkbox is not automatically selected when the Baseline Budget Time-Phasing is manually entered by Amount